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Do You Want To Supersize Your McBootleg Meal? Russian Rip-Off Replacements of Famous Brands

Where will Russians be able to buy a Big Mac and watch their favourite cat videos now?

With the biggest brands from around the world pulling out of Russian following the invasion of Ukraine how could Russia cope without their favourite burger joints and love of flatpack Swedish furniture?

It’s all happened so quickly McDonald’s, IKEA, Facebook, Coca Cola, YouTube, etc all gone. What now for the Russian people? Where will they be able to buy a Big Mac and watch their favourite cat videos now?

Well, it was only a matter of time before the bootlegs started popping up. Let’s take a look. Zero for effort guys!

McDonald’s vs Uncle Vanya


Days after Maccy D’s shut up shop and closed 850 restaurants, ‘Uncle Vanya’ trademark application was made. Take a look at the logo it’s nearly identical to McDonald’s world-famous golden arches but with them turned on their side.

We have yet to see the menu for the new restaurant chain and do wonder if Uncle Vanya will be some kind of jolly old mascot like Colonel Sanders?

IKEA vs Idea


Even with 17 locations around the county and Russia being IKEAs 10th largest market it may soon be replaced by Idea and this time with even more trademark infringement. The whole attempt at copying the brand was so ballsy that the trademark documents even had the IKEA logo on them when submitted!

Instagram vs Rossgram


The Kremlin declared Instagram’s parent company Meta of being an extremist organisation back in March so decided to launch their own photo-sharing app called Rossgram. It’s where you will now find all of Russia’s young influencers… Maybe?

I’m not sure where you can download the app from though as the AppStore and GooglePlay are no longer available.

Google vs Nashstore


We’re not too sure why it is called ‘NashStore’ but apparently after Alphabet pulled its services out of Russia on 10th March 2022 it meant no more Google, Google Play, or YouTube for the Russian people.

The replacement service of the world’s biggest search engine will accompany the already established Russian rip-off of YouTube named RuTube. The company will launch on 9th May which is a national holiday in Russia that celebrates the end of the Second World War. vs RussPass

Report made the move out of Russia permanently after the Kremlin’s crackdown on ‘nasty’ Western companies and fined the company for abusing its dominant market position. The Russian version of will allow people to book holidays, and hotels and plan their ‘recommended’ travel routes but is more than likely going to be restricted to just Russia.

The app like is available to download on Google Play which no longer exists in Russia!

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