The Craziest Pokemon (Original 150)

The Japanese have never been known for their conservative art and drawings and Pokemon was no different.

The Japanese have never been known for their conservative art and drawings and Pokemon was no different. 

While those who were lucky enough to be at the right age for the game nothing seemed out-of-place. But looking back it certainly seems that the designers at Nintendo were high on something because some of those characters children delightfully swapped with their friends were pure bizarre. Even now if you spot one through your augmented reality Pokemon Go app it gives you a fright.



Image result for gloom

Gloom looks like something the artists would have taken for inspiration.



Image result for porygon

Most Pokemon were based of real life animals but this was a very strange creation in the first 150



Image result for diglett

The amount of Diglett jokes relating to body parts went too far.



Image result for alakazam

What was he planning on eating with their spoons? Or was he trained by Uri Geller?



Image result for tentacruel

What is it with Japanese cartoons and Octopuses?



Image result for slowbro

Does he even realise there is something on his tail?


Image result for graveler pokemon

Looks like something you mine in No Man’s Sky



Image result for far fetched

They were doing so well creating a psychic duck but why did they give him a leek?



Image result for cloyster

Donald Trump would have loved to grab this.


Mr. Mime

Image result for mr mime

This is literally the stuff of nightmares.



Image result for jynx

Pokemon representing the LGBT community.



Image result for ditto

Okay this is just plain lazy by the cartoonists.

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