Childrens Doodles Turned into Anime Characters By Dad

Sometime the best ideas come from our children!

Sometime the best ideas come from our children!

To see what I mean just take a look at these beautiful anime drawings, which were all inspired by children’s doodles. They were all created by Thomas Romain from the Father & Sons Design Workshop, which involves Thomas turning his children’s doodles into these stunning anime artworks.

Thomas Romain is a French anime artist currently working and living in Tokyo, Japan. He’s worked on quite a few anime series including Aria, Space Dandy and Basquash!

Thomas say “The concept is very simple: First, my sons create an original character or creature design on their own. They are free to draw whatever they want. Then, I draw an illustration based on their ideas.”

You can see more on – Instagram and Patreon

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