Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat – 30+ of the Best Old Skool 90s Rave Tracks

Make some noise!

Just after the acid house movement at the start of the 1990s came the rave and free party scene.

It was a time of putting aside our differences, coming together and having a f**kin’ good time. The government and media didn’t understand it and they were scared shit of it and tried everything they could to stop it.

It was anti-establishment and it was a scene for us – the jilted generation. It was a time of rave which went into hardcore, then into jungle and drum ‘n’ bass. It was a time before the shitty term ‘EDM’ was used to categorise all dance music. A time before DJs became sellouts and a time before ghost producers. They were good times and most importantly it was about the music.

Here’s a mix up of over 30 classic rave tracks from those trippy days for you to listen to. Do you remember any of these bangin’ tunes?

Grab your white gloves, bomber jacket and whistle and let’s reach for the lasers and break down those walls!

“Let Me Be Your Fantasy” – Baby D – 1992/94

“On a Ragga Tip” – SL2 – 1992

“Move Your Body (Elevation)” – Xpansions – 1990

“Anthem” – N-Joi – 1990

“Dominator (Joey Beltram Remix)” – Human Resource – 1990/91

“Go” – Moby -1991

“Everybody in the Place (Fairground Remix)” – The Prodigy 1991

“Out of Space” – The Prodigy – 1992

“Anasthasia” – T99 – 1992

“Playing With Knives” – Bizarre Inc – 1991

“Injected with a Poison” – Praga Khan – 1992

“Activ8” – Altern8 – 1991

“Don’t You Want Me” – Felix – 1992

“So Real” – Love Decade – 1991

“LFO (The Leeds Warehouse Mix)” – LFO – 1990

“Energy Flash” – Joey Beltram – 1991

“High” – Hyper Go Go – 1992

“Rhythm is a Mystery” – K-Klass – 1991

“What Time is Love?” – The KLF – 1990

“Chime – Orbital” – 1990

“Sweet Sensation” – Shades of Rhythm – 1991

“Positive Education” – Slam – 1993

“Night in Motion” – Cubic 22 – 1991

“Not Forgotten” – Leftfield – 1990

“Urban Shakedown” – Some Justice – 1991

“It’s Just a Feeling” – Terrorize – 1991

“Hardcore Heaven” – DJ Seduction – 1992

“Feel So Real” Dream Frequency – 1992

“Lock-Up” – Zero-B – 1991

“Zeroxed” – Zero Zero – 1991

“Insomniak” – DJ PC – 1991

“Aftermath” – Nightmares on Wax – 1990

“Killer” – Adamski – 1990

I have to thank Adamski, because this track released back in the spring/summer of 1990 was the track that really got me into seriously into underground dance music.

Written by Jay

A caffeine-based life form with a love of the 80s and pop culture.

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