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Craziest Van Conversions

It’s amazing what you can turn any old van into.

Vans are quite simply, the most underutilized vehicle out on the market. The possibilities with a Van are endless, you just need to use your imagination a bit more! It’s amazing what you can turn any old van into…

For example, who says you must have to stick with the colour you bought it in? Why not add some awesome graphics to liven your Van up or to show off your favourite movie or cartoon? And why not take advantage of all that space you have in the back? Turn your Van into something other than just somewhere you store tools by transforming it into the most luxurious limousine you’ve ever seen!

Which brings us to our next point… You don’t have to be a builder, carpenter or plumber to own a van. Why not use it to sell your products in style by turning your Van into an Ice-cream Van or being the life of the party by converting your Van into a mobile bar?

All these ideas and more below!

Craziest Van Conversions
Craziest Van Conversions by SELECT CAR LEASING.

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