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Famous Superhero Comic Book Covers Recreated Using Balloons

Taking balloon art to the next level…

You can thank Phileas Flash (aka British born performer Rupert Appleyard) for re-creating these amazing balloon art version of famous super comic book covers.

Flash has been wowing audiences all over the world for over 13 years with his totally amazing balloon art. It’s balloon art taken to the next level!

Flash says “The great thing about these is that although the balloons are now all popped, the images and memory of them last forever. My plan is to make them into prints and stage an art exhibition as I have done with previous passion projects.”

You can see more of Flash’s balloon art at:

Superman Vs Muhammed Ali

Batman – The Killing Joke

Amazing Spider-Man – Vol. 1 #2

The Fantastic 4 –  Issue 1

Wonder Woman – Issue 72

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