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Funny Animated GIFs to Brighten Up Your Day

Watch them over and over and over and..

Back in the 90’s and early 00’s GIFs were very basic. Do you remember awful glittery text or animated buttons in old web design. Nowadays they much more creative and are part of daily internet use.

The GIF is a very quick and easy way to tell a little story and here’s a small collection of animated GIFs to brighten up your day. Featuring a wide variety of funny little animations including dancing fruit, Russian dolls and kangaroo riding Mounties!

It’s easy to get hypnotised in a trance watching them over and over.  You can see more at Muzli. Enjoy~!”

U Rock! – Adar Nisinboim
Thumbs Up – Chris Phillips
Pineapple – James Boorman
Ostrich Ride – Moncho Massé
Yomimo! The point of no return – BluBlu Studios
Monkey Swinging Loader – Eric Martin-Ballo
Matryoshka Doll – Gal Shir
E n d l e s s s u m m e r n i g h t s ( ‘ 9 7 ) – Tomas Brunsdon
How to Lie – Pierre Kleinhouse


Soulmates – Tony Babel
2 Days of Gifmas: A Partridge in a Pear Tree – Kyle Letendre
Simone Biles – Eran Mendel

Bouncing all the way to Canada – GRAMM

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