Get Some Colour in Your Life With These 12 Healthy Rainbow Smoothies!

Drinks that are so beautiful they deserve to go on Instagram.

Make friends with your blender again and try these colourful healthy smoothies.

If you want to stay healthy, but cacao, granola and kale infused sludgy green blended drinks don’t appeal to you then get some colour in your life and try these rainbow smoothies instead.

These tasty are bursting with not only bright vibrant colours, but fruit and a whole lot of goodness too. These drinks are so beautiful they deserve to go on Instagram. Yum!

Rainbow Smoothie

Courtesy of First Year Blog

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Colourful Raw Porridge Smoothie

Rainbow Smoothie

Courtesy of Nickie’s Kitchen Sanctuary

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Rainbow Smoothie

Berry and Mango

Rainbow Smoothie Stackin

Passion Mango Surprise

Courtesy of Healthy Eating Jo

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Turmeric-Ginger, Strawberry, Blue Algae and Blueberry-Blackberry Layered Smoothies

Coconut Strawberry + Blackberry Layered Smoothie

Layered Berry Smoothie Chia Pudding

Courtesy of Baking Ginger

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Rainbow Smoothie

Rainbow Smoothie

Written by Gabriella

Gabriella Sky - I have previously worked as a designer and part-time model, but now work globally as a product buyer for Selfridges & Co

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