Get Paid For Your Opinion -The Best Online Survey Sites Part 1

Earn some coins with your spare time.

If you don’t mind sitting for a few hours a day and answering questions about broadband, politics, and what you last purchased at Amazon then it is possible to earn £100s a year.

Let’s talk about online surveys which you can get paid for just by answering some questions. This is something I have personally been using for a few years and can help out if you need some extra top-up cash for Christmas and holidays.

How do they work?

It’s really simple. No skills or qualifications are needed, all you need to do is be yourself and give your opinion. Marketing is essential to any business so by learning and targeting their products to the right people they can cut down on advertising costs.

How much can I make?

Typically it is easy to make up to £200 a year but if you dedicate a lot of time to this you can make £1000s.

Some quick dos and don’ts to surveys

Whatever you do, DO NOT pay to join any survey sites that charge money to join.

Don’t expect to be making lots of money straight away. You will have no control over how many surveys you will be picked for and some sites will have higher payout thresholds than others. But don’t give up before you’ve hit a threshold else you have done all the work for nothing.

Make sure you cash out and spend any gift vouchers straight away. if the survey sites close down or the retailer goes bust you may lose your earnings.

Make a new email address and dedicate this to surveys because you may quickly become bombarded with emails for surveys you can participate in and you wouldn’t want to miss out if they got lost among your other emails.

Don’t tell lies on the surveys because the sites will corroborate previous survey answers and can see if you are fibbing. Do not sign up for multiple accounts because you will be kicked out for this.

Make a log of all the surveys you have participated in and how much the promised payment was for. Chase the site for any unpaid work.

Screenouts are when you fill in a few questions and then you are told you don’t qualify. This can be frustrating but usually, you will qualify for enough surveys to make up for this.

Sometimes referring a friend can earn extra money so this is always worth looking into especially if you just need a little more to his that payout threshold.

Prolific Academic

Typical survey time? – a lengthy 30-45 minutes

How you will be paid – Cash via Paypal which will take 2.9% and a 30p fee)

What you can make – 30p – £10 a survey

Payment Threshold – £5

For Prolific everybody who signs up will get a prolific score. Your eligibility all depends on specific factors on your demographic. Be aware that your Prolific score can drop if your submissions aren’t considered up to the mark and you will get may get fewer invites.

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Typical survey time? – 10-20 mins

How you will be paid – Cash via Paypal and vouchers for places like Amazon

What you can make – You earn 70 Swagbucks which is worth 50p per survey

Payment Threshold – Earn £5

Swagbucks offers a variety of different ways to play such as playing online games, watching videos and even searching the internet.

Swagbucks will only let you earn points once a day on certain types of polls. If you participate in a second poll you won’t get paid so always check before you waste your time.

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Typical survey time? – 5 – 20 minutes

How you will be paid – Cash via Paypal

What you can make – 30p per survey

Payment Threshold – None

Although the payment per survey may not be the highest the great thing about Qmee is that there is no payout threshold. You can also install the Qmee browser add-on which will pay you when you search on Google.

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Typical survey time? – 15 mins

How you will be paid – Retail vouchers

What you can make – Between 5p and £1.80 a survey

Payment Threshold – Earn £5

i-Say is one of the best paying online survey sites and they have lots of surveys available. You earn points for each survey and earn between 5 – 250 for each one completed. It’s easy for people to make a £10 upwards and some nice retail vouchers too.

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Typical survey time? – 5-40 mins

How you will be paid – Cash via Bank transfer

What you can make – 50p per survey

Payment Threshold – 5000 points (£50)

You will get to have your say on serious subjects but this site takes commitment because the payout threshold is pretty high and the surveys arent as frequent as the other sites. But if you can keep in there you can get £50 since you have earned 5000 points,

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Google Opinion Rewards

Typical survey time? – 15-30 seconds

How you will be paid – Google Play Store credit

What you can make – Between 6p – 60p per survey

Payment Threshold – Applied to your account instantly. As soon as you’ve got enough to buy something from Google Play

If you’re not bothered about cashing out but would like to earns some credit on purchases then Google Opinion Rewards is for you. You can earn credit to spend on movies, apps, music, books and games from Google Play Store. The app

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Curious Cat

Typical survey time? – 3 mins

How you will be paid – Cash via Paypal

What you can make – up to 50p per survey

Payment Threshold – £1

A neat little app if you like doing surveys on the go and the surveys only last 3 mins. The payout threshold is super low too so

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Typical survey time? – 2-15 mins

How you will be paid – Cash via Paypal or Amazon vouchers

What you can make – 40p – £10 per survey

Payment Threshold – £4 for cash. £10 for vouchers.

Cashology doesn’t offer points for surveys completed but instead pays cash for completing the surveys and the payout threshold is just £4.

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Branded Surveys

Typical survey time? – 10 – 20 minutes

How you will be paid – Cash via Paypal or high street vouchers

What you can make – $50 (35p at current exchange rate) per survey

Payment Threshold – $5

One of the most famous survey sites and easiest to earn points. The site runs a daily poll and quick survey which help you make extra points and bonuses.

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Hello my name is Danielle. Owner and previous Editor of That Looks Fab! and Hard-Up Mum. I am an artist and love all things art and design related.

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