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Helping you earn money – #costoflivingcrisis

You may or may not have heard of cashback websites but people can make £100s a year from these sites.

Cashback sites pay you when you go via them to purchase products from retailers and service providers. I have provided a list of some of the best top cashback sites on the web.

So how does Cashback work?

sometimes when you are looking to purchase an item online then it may be worth looking for a cashback site that you can use to go through rather than go direct. Doing this means you can earn money at the same time. The sums of money can range from a few pence to over £100 for some products that you buy and sign up for such as TV, broadband or phones.

These sites shouldn’t cost anything and be free to sign up although some sites may offer an annual subscription which would significantly boost the cashback received. Once you have signed up all you have to do is log in and search for the retailers you would like to purchase from such as Curry’s, O2, and Argos. Just click on the company link to get started.

Your visit will be tracked by the cashback site and once you have purchased an item and it has been processed an amount will be placed into your cashback account. Depending on the site you can withdraw the money once it arrives but it may take a couple of weeks or months to arrive. Some sites may require you to reach a threshold limit before you will be able to withdraw the money.

Please take a look at the table below for an idea of the savings to be had. Please be advised that these rates may fluctuate daily and may differ on what item is purchased.

These were rates from Quidco and Topcashback

Typical Cashback payments

Argos6% Cashback
Holidays Extra47% Cashback
Very10% Cashback
Scottish Power£85 CashBack
BT£105 Cashback
Samsung£30 Cashback
Domino's Pizza12% Cashback
Curry'sUp to £100 Cashback
Last updated April 2022 

How can these sites afford to offer this service?

The cashback sites may have direct relationships with companies which allow them to offer a wider selection of offers and deals but the main way cashback sites earn money is by using affiliate links which then allow the retailer to track traffic to their sites and allows them to see where the customer has come from. This is a system used by many websites such as price comparison sites, promotional articles and advertising links. Basically, the cashback sites give a share of the money they make for driving traffic to retailers’ websites.

So the big question is… How much money can I make?

Obviously, the total amount of how much you can mean is based on how much you buy, what things you buy and the cashback offer that is currently available. Some savvy savers can make £100s a year.

Things to be mindful of…

The amount you have earned in cashback isn’t yours until you withdraw it to your bank account. Companies can and have gone bust.

Be aware that you need to think of cashback money earned as a bonus and sometimes it cannot be guaranteed. This could be due to tracking issues or disputes between the cashback site and the retailer. Just think of all money earned as an extra and not guarantee it as a constant flow of reliable income.

If you do experience any problems please remember to contact the cashback sites directly and not Hard-Up Mum as we are only advising about the best-paying sites.

Don’t focus on the biggest cashback offer. Look for the cheapest deals. Make sure you are only buying what you can afford. You don’t want to be seduced by a £100 cashback offer that may not payout.

Withdraw your earnings as soon as possible. With some cashback sites, they may set a threshold before you can withdraw anything. Once you hit that threshold then withdraw your rewards straight away. As I mentioned earlier small businesses can go under and all your earnings could be lost plus money in your bank earning interest is better than no interest at all!

Finally, consider clearing out the cookies in your browser which may aid the cashback site tracking. remember to not click off the sites and go back as this may lose the tracking cookies. You can see here for more information on cookies and what they do –

So here we are…

The Best Cashback Sites

A selection of some of the best cashback sites

Basic membership is free. Premium membership is £1 per month but gives you boosted cashback
Membership is free, You will need to cancel any 30 day free trials if activated. Plus membership is £5 per year This pays up to 10 % higher payout bonuses.
Membership is free. You can only withdraw once you’ve made £10 upwards and you willll need to add a child’s details to do that

There are even more ways to boost that cashback

Topcashback also allows you to register your debit or credit card to your account using in-store cashback allowing you to earn more although there aren’t as many offers as there once were.

You can also make money by not even buying anything from a selection of Free Cash Sites and Free Cashback. This works by clicking on links on the internet.

Using your credit card can earn you money each time but do make sure you pay them off full each month to avoid interest charges.

Some companies may actually pay out more than you spend for example a bank may reward you with cashback for opening an account all for as little as £1. Be aware that when applying for financial products this will be added to your credit file and may impact your credit score.<

Finally, survey sites

These are things that have saved me financially over the last couple of years and you can can £100s a year without any skills or special talents but by giving your opinion by filling out surveys.

Not only can you earn money but gift cards as well for online stores such as Amazon,

I will touch in surveys on an upcoming post.

Written by Danni

Hello my name is Danielle. Owner and previous Editor of That Looks Fab! and Hard-Up Mum. I am an artist and love all things art and design related.

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