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Horror Photography That Will Give You Nightmares Part 2

Dare you scroll down?

Before you read on, please be advised that this post contains explicit images of horror and gore.

Welcome to the sequel to Horror Photography That Will Give You Nightmares. A rather dark and disturbing post that we published the other year.

Are you ready for this? You need to mentally prepare yourself for some scary s**t! You may want to turn the lights on and check that the back door is locked. Maybe climb into bed and peek from beneath the covers as we are about to visit a very dark place.

Dare you scroll down?

Zombie lover – SeoaneArt
Zombies – IcedCoffee
The incessant pall of death – Sophos9
Let Me In – Mant01
Arachnoideus rima oris – Glenofobia
Flesh and Blood – CrimsonnOnyxx
dial m for murder – forgottenx
Trev’s kill – Falt-Photo
‘The Abaddon’ – ‘Mortal Heart’ – Erwintirta
Hidden – Phoheisel
Child’s Play – Paweljackowiak
Eden IV – RebecaSaray
Demon – Bluexscape
Love Violently, Kill Tenderly – JulianGraves
Real-Unreal 3 – Aqua1209
State of perplexity – DanielTorresStorni
Wolf – Hoffine
Smiley – Gimgams
Act of insanity . . . . VII – Mehmeturgut
Auto-Da-Fe – FlexDreams
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Written by Alyssa

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