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Artist Cleverly Gets Around Censorship with Highly Suggestive Collages

You’ll never look at a skyscraper in the same way again!

Instagram isn’t a fan of nudity so photographers and artists have to come up with clever and creative ways of getting past the censorship.

New York based Scientwehst (real name Giulia) has created these rather suggestible collages which comprise a mix up of erotic photos together with images of architecture. Although, even with these suggestive collages Giulia still has had many images and even her account removed in the past. Giulia says…

“Social-media society is not a public, democratic space, so we need to stop treating it as such.”

It’s like nothing I have seen before with an odd mix up naked flesh and all manner of building materials such as concrete, glass and timber.

“Social media companies serve as an arm to our government’s agendas… Our government is also inherently sexist… Sexism still thrives in social media society… Let’s all connect the dots.” Says Giulia.

You can see more of Scientwehst on Instagram.

Written by Riley

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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