Why I Finally Gave Up Watching The Simpsons

It’s a very sad day in my life…

It’s a very sad day in my life I have finally gave up on The Simpsons!

I’ve been watching the Simpsons for pretty much all of my life, but gone are the golden years of this once great show. It’s a TV show that has comforted me through the rough and brought me so much joy. It’s a show that is on every day and throughout the 1990s was totally amazing.

That is why it makes me sad to finally turn this show off, because for too long the new episodes and seasons are getting more and more terrible every year. The last straw was the so-called special episode, “The Great Phatsby Parts 1 & 2″ (Episodes 608/09), which was the first to be one-hour in length. It was supposed to be special, but it really sucked. I thought I’d give it one final chance, butI finally broke when I watched the episode”22 for 30” (Episode 613), and these episoded in in my opinion were absolute s**t like the rest of season 28. I’m now a truly dissilusioned and broken man!

The only thing that’s improved is the animation, which I have to say looks beautiful on my UHD television. Everything else about the show had just gone downhill pretty much since the millennium.

The new episodes just aren’t funny any more and the plots are absurd and pointless. I think they think of a celebrity who can do a voice in the show and then write a script around that nowadays. Homer seems to have done every occupation under the sun and no matter how incompetent he is Mr. Burns will still promote him for yet another ridiculous job.

The show constantly contradicts itself, especially the flashback episodes where Homer and Marge originally met in the 1970s and Bart was born in 1980 and so on. Now they seemed to have met in the early 00s and Bart was born in like 2007!

Not content with ruining new episodes, now they are ruining the old ones by making sequels to them! I am talking about the recent ‘follow up’ to classic episode “Kamp Krusty” (Episode 60), titled “Kamp Krustier” (Episode 612) which should never have existed.

The show should have stopped when the 2007 motion picture was released, but instead the fat cats at Fox have dragged it on and on for another 10 more years and maybe will for even longer.

The Simpsons will become 30 years old this year, so please cancel this show before you ruin the memory of it forever!

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Written by Robert De Zero

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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