Large Primark, Lush and Next Haul Review

This is my first ever haul post.

For those of you unfamiliar with a haul post it is where people showcase their recent store purchases, usually in the form of a video or with a combination of photos and text. My post will be the latter.

I personally love viewing haul posts especially for brands like Primark because although they do have a website you can’t actually buy any of their products from it, so reading other blogs allows me to see what’s new in store.

Me and my family are going on holiday in a few months so it’s good to start stocking up now on those important summer purchases and to make it look like my bank balance hasn’t taken such a battering!

All the things I bought are a combination of things for myself and our two-year old son, enjoy 🙂

gdb-primark-lush-next (4)

Above: These are three pairs of shoes from Primark, a pair of white sandals, which I can’t remember the price but no more than £4. A lovely comfy pair of blue spotty ballet shoes for £4. I’ve already worn these and found them really comfy. Finally a pair of boys Aztec blue canvas shoes which are lovely at £4.

gdb-primark-lush-next (5)

Above: This set of Primark earrings were only £2. I’m always losing earrings so for a couple of quid I can’t complain! I’ve already worn the first pair they were just tiny clear diamond look studs.

The three Lush items I got in a box set for Mother’s Day from my son with the help of my husband. The cream heart soap leaves little bits of glitter on your skin, fab for a summer evening. The star soap smells scrumptious, I could almost eat it so fruity! It has tiny little star and sea urchin shapes inside. The pot of Sweetie pie shower gel is green and sparkly. I love the feel of the gel but it’s quite runny and slippery.

gdb-primark-lush-next (6)

Above: This sweet little daisy bikini was £4 from Primark bargain. The two pairs of children’s sunglasses were just a couple of pounds.

gdb-primark-lush-next (7)

Above: Next these are three ladies t-shirts from Primark. The blue anchor one and the black daisy one were £2.50 and the plain basic black one was £2.00 and very stretchy.

gdb-primark-lush-next (8)

Above: Two ladies basic ribbed vests with pretty lacing around the collar. I think these were £2.50. I don’t usually buy Primark vests as I find they don’t keep their shape for very long. These however do and seem too good quality and will be good for layering up.

gdb-primark-lush-next (9)

Above: Primark boys swim shorts were just £3 and the red chinos were £5. The chinos are really good quality.

gdb-primark-lush-next (10)

gdb-primark-lush-next (11)

Above: Three Next boys T.shirts £6 each or three for £15. Really nice quality and all the designs follow round to the back.

gdb-primark-lush-next (12)

Above: Three more boys T. Shirts. The middle stripy one was just £4 from Next and the other two were from Primark and the lobster t-shirt was £1.50 and the stripy one was £2.

That’s everything I bought over a couple of weeks. Forgive me if any of the prices are slightly off I removed some of the price tags so some of the prices are from memory. Hope you enjoyed my post. Hopefully there will be some more to come.

What have you picked up as a bargain in Primark lately?

Written by Danni

Hello my name is Danielle. Owner and previous Editor of That Looks Fab! and Hard-Up Mum. I am an artist and love all things art and design related.


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