Famous Movies If They Had Clickbait Titles

It’s one of the dirtiest tricks to get clicks!

There’s 3 things that infuriate me about the internet. Fake news, websites that spread articles over 10 ad filled pages and clickbait!

It’s one of the dirtiest tricks to get people top click on headlines there is. If the movie industry used the same tactics to get people to see their films, then what would they be called?

Here’s what a selection of movie titles would be if they were renamed with clickbait titles to get us to go see them!

EXCLUSIVE: The New Club That Nobody’s Allowed To Talk About!

Panda Learns Kung Fu…Click To See Full Video!

A Lonely Candy-Maker Lures Children to His Factory – What He Does to Them Will Shock You!

He Rubs The Lamp. What He Does Next? Genius.

This Man Looks Younger Every Day, Doctors Hate Him!

10 Things to Pair With Fava Beans and Chianti – No. 8 Will Amaze You.

Local Man Searches The Galaxy For The Elements. You Won’t Believe How Number 5 Saved Him!

Are You Dreaming Right Now? One Amazing Trick To Make Sure You’re Not Getting Your Thoughts Stolen!

What this archaeologist found in an Egyptian tomb will blow your mind! Literally!

You’ll Never Guess What Happens To This Unsinkable Ship!

10 Things I Hate About You!

They Stole His Car And Killed His Dog. You’ll Never Believe What He Does Next!


This Little Homesick Extra Terrestrial Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

He Got Left Behind. How This One Weird Trick Saved His Life And Could Save Yours Too!

This Old Man Modified a DeLorean. You Won’t Believe What Happens Previously!

This Young Woman Froze Her Entire Kingdom! What Happens Next Will Give You Chills!

This Mentally Challenged Man Will Break Your Heart In 10 Minutes!

7 Reasons Why We Might Be Living In A Computer Simulation. #5 Will Blow Your Mind!

You Won’t Believe What The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything Is!

Find Out What It Is That Samuel Jackson Has Had Enough Of!

Rich Kid Loses Parents…You Won’t Believe What He Does With His Inheritance!!

You won’t BELIEVE what’s in the box!

You’ll Never Believe How Many Dalmatians Are In This Movie!

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