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25 of the Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie One-Liners

Of course “I’ll be back” is in here!

Arnie, the beloved Austrian Oak – Love him or hate him is the pinnacle of 1980s and 90s action heroes.

His movies were the go-to source if you just wanted a couple of hours of no-brain action thrills and they never disappointed. Well, apart from ‘Junior’ but we can now forgive him for that!

One thing we particularly loved about Arnold Schwarzenegger is not only can he defeat and destroy the bad guys but he is able to deliver a great one-liner while doing it too and nobody does it better!

We’ve gone through Arnie’s back catalogue (Which we thoroughly enjoyed) to find some of the best quotes and catchphrases from his most beloved movies. A lot of the lines come from The Running Man, Predator and Commando as these films are full of back-to-back quotes.

Of course “I’ll be back” is in there!

“Remember Sully, when I promised to kill you last? I lied” – Commando


John Matrix delivers this line whilst dangling the particularly annoying Sully over a cliff by his ankle then casually dropping the asshole to his death.

“F*** you a**hole” – The Terminator


T-800 tries to blend in and appear more human when he addresses the sarky Motel Manager

“Thank you. And please don’t wake my friend. He’s dead tired” – Commando


Matrix asks the air stewardess to not interrupt his “friend” while he’s sleeping as a way of covering up that he’s just snapped the bad guy’s neck.

“If it bleeds . . . we can kill it” – Predator


Dutch utters these words when they discover that the seemingly invincible alien that is hunting them bleeds glowing green blood when it is has been shot

“You should clone yourself… so you can go f*** yourself!” – The Sixth Day


Gibson utters these words when he finds out that he’s been cloned and confronts the antagonist who is responsible for all the illegal human cloning

“I did nothing, the pavement was his enemy!” – Twins


In Schwarzenegger’s first proper comedy movie, his character Julius is carrying a briefcase when a mugger on a motorbike tries to attack him. He floors the mugger delivers this classic line  when the mugger’s assailant asks “What did you do to him?”

“Here is Subzero; now, plain zero!” – The Running Man


Richard proudly boasts this line to the camera when he defeats Subzero in the battle arena.

“Cocainum!” – Red Heat


Apparently, Arnie agreed to do the movie on the spot when he read this line in the script. His character Danko utters this classic line when pulls off a bad guy’s prosthetic leg and tips out the drugs that are hidden inside.

“You should not drink and bake” – Raw Deal


The advice we can all agree to you. Kaminski’s response when a drunken Amy throws a cake at him but misses.

“Well that hit the spot” – The Running Man


When Ben launches the rocket sled into the game zone tunnel which later crashes into a billboard with Killian on it, exploding and killing him

“I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach & break your god damn spine!” – The Running Man


Probably one of the longest lines from Arnie’s movies comes from when Killian makes Richards an offer and this is his response. The full line is “you cold-blooded b****rd, I’ll tell you what I think of it: I live to see you eat that contract, but I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your g***amn spine!”

“You Are One Ugly Motherfucker” – Predator


Dutch’s response when we first see the Predator’s actual face after he takes off his mask

“One of us is in big trouble” – The Running Man


Yes, the lines just keep coming from this 1987 dystopian classic. This is when Richards finally escapes the Running Man and confronts Killian the gameshow host.

“You think this is the real Quaid? It is” – Total Recall


With the many futuristic gadgets, we see in this film Quaid is equipped with a holographic projector that can project a hologram of himself and trick the bad guys into thinking he’s actually stood standing somewhere else. After a while, the bad guys aren’t sure which is the real Quaid and when he pretends to be a hologram asks them “you think this is the real Quaid?”  which bamboozles the, and he says “it is” and then shoots them down.

“Let off some steam, Bennett” – Commando


When Matrix finally defeats Bennett by impaling him with a length of lead pipe he rips from the wall. Finally, there is a gush of steam that bursts from the other end of the pipe and Matrix says “let off some steam, Bennett.”

“It’s not a tumour!” – Kindergarten Cop


When Detective John Kimble attempts to control his class while dealing with a stress headache one of the little girls in the class says it may be a tumour and Arnie shouts back “It’s not a tumour!”

“You’re fired” – True Lies


The most memorable line in this 90s classic is when the terrorist villain gets tangled on a missile on Harry’s Harrier jump jet and is then fired at one of the terrorist’s chopper and kills them all in one go.

“You think you know bad? You’re a f***ing choirboy compared to me!” – End of Days


When El Diablo tries to tempt Jericho away from the good side.

“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!” – Conan the Barbarian


Conan’s first line paraphrases an actual historical quote by Genghis Khan when he is asked the same question “What is best in life?”

“Rubber baby buggy bumpers!” – Last Action Hero


This memorable line comes when Slater shouts at some random guy that is in his way, “you’ve seen those movies where they say ‘make my day’ or ‘I’m your worst nightmare?’ Well listen to this one: ‘rubber baby buggy bumpers!’”

I think the only good thing about the actual shitshow that is Batman & Robin is Arnie as Iceman.

“Ice to see you!” – Batman & Robin


There are so many more puns delivered by Iceman in this movie such as “Allow me to break the ice!” “Everybody chill!” “You’re not sending me to the cooler!” “The Iceman cometh!” “Stay cool, bird boy!” “I’m afraid that my condition has left me cold to your pleas for mercy!” “What killed the dinosaurs? The ice age!”

“Consider that a divorce” – Total Recall


Although this may be all frowned upon as not very PC nowadays. Quaid’s “wife” begs “You wouldn’t shoot me would you, Doug? After all, we’re married.”  Then as she tries to shoot him he manages to shoot her first and delivers this fitting line.

“Hasta la vista, baby” – Terminator 2: Judgment Day


When T-800 takes aim at the T-1000 he repeats a line a young John Connor taught him earlier to seem more human and cooler!

“Dillan! You son of a bitch!” – Predator


When Dutch and Dillon greet each other with the Ultimate Action Movie Handshake* and show off their biceps!

  • The Ultimate Action Movie Handshake was Arnie and Carl’s real-life secret handshake. The handshake accomplishes two things – it helps both men test each other’s strength and flex their muscles. Now it is the official handshake of all members of the Ultimate Action Movie Club.

“…Get to the chopper!” – Predator


One of the most quoted of all Arnie lines Dutch shouts to Anna when they all look done for and stops her from picking up a weapon which will make her one of the hunted too. The full quote is actually “Run! …Go! Get to the chopper!”

“I eat Green Berets for breakfast and right now I’m very hungry” – Commando


In the showdown between Matrix and Cooke in the Motel, Cooke warns Matrix that’s he’s going to kick his ass because he’s ex-Green Beret

“I’ll be back” – Numerous  Arnie films

Yes, it’s the most famous quote but it’s not just used in The Terminator but a whole lot of Arnie’s movies over the decades. Let’s take a look at the other movies that it is quoted.


The Terminator -When T-800 is refused entry into the police station where Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese are being detained he tells the counter clerk “I’ll be back!” and then drives a car into the station and counter and proceeds to kill all the staff.

Commando (1985) – John Matrix says “I’ll be back!” to Bennet to which he replies “I’ll be waiting!”

Raw Deal (1986) – Although it’s not exactly the same, Former FBI agent Mark Kaminski delivers a variation on the line to one of the bad guys, this time saying “I’ll be right back.”

Running Man (1987) – This is probably one of my all-time favourite times this famous line is mentioned. When Ben Richards is about to be launched by rocket sled into the game by evil game show host Killian he is asked “any last words” and Richards says “I’ll be back.” Killian responds, “only in a rerun.”

Twins (1988) – When the doctor tells Julius and Vincent Benedict that their mother is still alive and they’ve been the result of a genetic experiment, he tells the doctor “If you’re lying to me, I’ll be back.”

Total Recall (1990) – Quaid says this to the machine operators when he’s strapped into the memory-altering machine.

Last Action Hero (1993) – Jack Slater utters this catchphrase numerous times in the movie and the main character Danny even pokes fun at the star for saying it in all his movies.

The 6th Day (2000) – Another variation of the line is said when Adam Gibson visits a pet store that clones dead pets. After changing his mind he tells the sales assistant “I might be back.” The assistant then replies, “Oh, you’ll be back.”

The Expendables 2 (2012) – Finally in the Expendables when Trench Mauser says the line to Bruce Willis’s Mr Church he replies “You’ve been back enough, I’ll be back!” Mauser then replies, “Yippee-ki-yay!”

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