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Rings that Contain Hidden Magical Miniature Landscapes inside

Take a closer look…

Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend, had obviously had never seen these magical rings by Secret Wood.

These beautiful hand-crafted wooden rings by Canadian jewellery makers Secret Wood were all inspired by the seasons and all contain tiny hidden landscapes inside.

Just take a closer look and you can see colourful flowers and plants. Take another look and you can see clouds and mountains. All the rings shown here are handmade and all one of a kind. It’s pretty much impossible to make exactly the same piece. So you know you are getting a unique piece.

You can see more and purchase them at | Instagram

Waltz of the Winds!


Lilac Flames

Ethereal Blossom Forest

Original Blossom Forest

Enchanted World

Mysterious Underwater Landscape

Rocky Lagoon

Ethereal Blossom Forest

Enchanted Forest


Grassland Woods

Midnight Snowfall

Amethyst Forest

Delicate Dark Arctic Forest

Written by Danni

Hello my name is Danielle. Owner and previous Editor of That Looks Fab! and Hard-Up Mum. I am an artist and love all things art and design related.


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