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The Secret to Waking Up Refreshed Without Using Any Beauty Products

Ready to learn the secrets?

Some people don’t do mornings.

A whole lot of people, to be honest.

And the majority of them hate mornings because they wake up tired, sluggish, and even apathetic. And because they don’t look so good because of that.

If you’re one of them, don’t worry! Today, you will learn how to wake up refreshed every morning. With these simple tips, you will look and feel great! Ready to learn the secrets?

Secret Number 1: Get a Proper Mattress (And a Nice Pillow)

To be honest, this is not such a big secret. Sleeping on a good mattress can really improve your well-being. It can help with your spinal alignment, pressure relief, and many other things. A good mattress will make you feel super comfortable, which means a more restful sleep and a better state in the morning.

Now, a good mattress should:

  • be supportive enough to keep your spine properly aligned and your body’s weight evenly distributed;
  • gently cradle (or hug) the pressure points without allowing too much sinkage;
  • not sleep hot or make you feel like you are stuck inside its material;
  • allow for easy movements and shifting during the night so that you could find the most comfortable pose;
  • be suitable for your most favorite sleeping position.

If you think that by only getting a proper mattress you can change everything, I have bad news for you:

That’s not enough.

You should also consider getting a new pillow if you want to wake up refreshed every morning (unless you already have one). A great pillow should be breathable and provide enough support for your neck and enough cradling for your head.

“Back and stomach sleepers are advised to lie on thinner pillows, while side sleepers need something taller to fill the space between their neck and shoulder.”

Secret Number 2: Stay Hydrated

If you want to look refreshed in the morning, you should take care of your hydration. Drinking enough water during the day will make your skin look glowy and healthier in the morning, which means you will look refreshed. However, be careful with drinking too much right before bed: this might make your face look bloated or a bit swollen, and that’s not always nice.

Additionally, keeping a proper water balance in your body will make you feel better. When you wake up and don’t feel dehydrated, this contributes to the state of feeling refreshed. A proper water balance will help with your energy levels, even in the morning. I mean, simply drinking enough water will not be a panacea, but it definitely contributes a lot to your overall well-being.

Secret Number 3: Change Your Sheets

If you already have a good mattress and drink enough water but still don’t know how to wake up refreshed, think about the sheets you sleep on. Are they fresh? Are they clean? Are they breathable?

Sleeping on soft, fresh, and natural sheets can improve the quality of your sleep, thus making you feel more refreshed when you wake up. Some people recommend changing the sheets every two weeks.

However, if it really makes you sleep better, I say:

Change them as often as you want! Even if you do it twice a week, that’s great! As long as it benefits you.

Now, you should also make sure your sheets are breathable. It is better to pick pure cotton, viscose, or bamboo fabrics. Sleeping on them will provide ventilation and help with your body’s temperature regulation, adding that fresh feel and breathability.

Secret Number 4: Avoid Stimulants

This isn’t a secret, actually, but many people still don’t do it. Drinking coffee in the evening or using your laptop/smartphone in bed can really mess up your sleep regime. These stimulants can make you take much more time to fall asleep. Guess what happens next? Yes, you don’t get enough sleep and wake up feeling terrible.

If you minimize the gadget usage before bed and avoid drinking coffee, you will fall asleep easily. And with your comfortable bed and fresh sheets, such a combo will make you feel well-rested and refreshed every morning. Just try, and you’ll see that I’m telling the truth.

Written by John Breese

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