27 Creative Designs for Health & Beauty Advertising

It’s all about looking good and looking after yourself as well.

I love advertising. Well, advertising that is done right that is. When I say ‘done right’, I mean it gets it messages across. It just works and it’s all done in a very creative way.

This collection of ads are all about health and beauty. It’s all about looking good and looking after yourself as well. Let’s take a gander at 27 really creative adverts from some of the best design agencies from across the globe.

Source – Client: Mentholatum – Agency: Dentsu
Source – Client: Xylo Gel – Agency: DDB
Source – Client: Aspirina – Agency:BBDO
Source – Client: Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute – Agency: Imagery Creative
Not All Species Enjoy Spots – Client: -Ana Derme Cosmetics- Agency: Pro Target
Source – Client: Breath Right Nasal Strips – Agency: Grey
For Dry and Damaged Hair – Client: Rudy Hadisuwarno Cosmetics – Agency: DM Pratama
Source – UCI Road World Championships Richmond – Agency: The Brand Agency
A Natural Sexual Enhancement – Client: Ozen – Agency: Soho Square
Always Wear A Helmet – Client: Thai Health Promotion Foundation (Road Safety) – Agency: Young & Rubicam
It’s OK to Ask – Client: The Art of Shaving – Agency: BBDO
For Your Stylish Hair – Client: Lucido L – Agency: Matari Advertising
For Difficult Little People – Client: Playtex – Agency: Grey
Unhappy Meal – Client: Pepto Bismol – Agency: Miami Ad School
When Pain Strikes – Clients: Signal Sensitive Toothpaste – Agency: Lowe
Bring Back Your Pride – Client: Velform – Agency: Dentsu
They Can Help You – Clients: Council of Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors – Agency: Chester + Company
Gastrointestinal Issues – Client: Protexin – Agency: Swordfish Advertising
Bacteria – Client: Hexo-Dane – Agency: McCann
Free Your Skin – Client: Schick – Agency: Young & Rubicam
Rub the Teeth – Client: Digiface – Agency: Dupla
Same Headache Everywhere – Client: Aspirin – Agency – BBDO
Impressionism – Client: Keloptic – Agency: Young & Rubicam
Specialist Treatment for Hemorrhoids – Client: Clinica Mosquera – Agency: BBA
For Freedom of Movement – Client: Voltaren – Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Take the Scare out of Pollen – Client: Otrivin – Agency: Young & Rubicam

Because Life Makes Wrinkles – Client: Nivea Men – Agency: Jung Von Matt

Written by Gabriella

Gabriella Sky - I have previously worked as a designer and part-time model, but now work globally as a product buyer for Selfridges & Co


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