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Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Mattress for Those Who Love to Sleep

Get a good nights sleep with this handy guide

The Dalai Lama teaches us that “sleep is the best meditation.” We need it to recharge our batteries, to let our brain process information, to help our muscles repair and to ensure our body’s proper functioning for the day to come.

I confess I love to sleep in a comfortable bed and a cozy environment that makes me feel a bit spoiled, but also safe. I like large size, firm mattresses because I adore having a lot of space and I’m a fan of hybrid products, especially the ones featuring high-tech characteristics designed to help us get a better rest.


But when it comes to purchasing a mattress, there are so many options nowadays that everyone’s preferences can be met with the right product. Some beds are specifically design for sexually active people, fitness and so on. You just need to know a few basic guidelines meant to assist you in your quest and help you decide. Here’s what you should check out:


The best idea these days is to do your shopping online. The same goes for the reviews: browse the web for comments, opinions and everything other costumers have to say about various types of mattresses. You’ll find our all you need to know about how the products do by when being used. Also, it is incredibly convenient because the range of items is unlimited, you can always ask questions about everything you want by using online customer support and the product is delivered right to your door.

Firmness level

The way you sleep influences your firmness requirements. That’s why it’s important to know your favorite sleeping position, according to your body type and learn what suits you best. Most people go for medium-firm items, which usually support all kinds of sleepers, especially since we typically change our sleeping positions several times during the night.

Size and type

I know that there’s a budget to stick to, but my opinion is “the larger, the better.” You need more room as you grow old; if you sleep with a partner, you both desire your space. I read on that experts recommend we choose our bed at least 5 inches longer than us. When it comes to mattress types, there are plenty to pick from: foam, memory foam (most popular), innerspring, gel-infused, hybrid (best budget choice) or organic materials (such as cotton, wool or latex – which is considered the most durable; hemp, bamboo or coconut coir). I’d say you should make sure that they respect the safety regulations and maybe see if they are eco-friendly.


Innovative features

The brisk evolution of modern technology has helped the mattress industry create fantastic products which present essential heat transfer functions, dual-zone warming, cooling capabilities and even the possibility of adjusting the level of firmness for the two sides of the bed independently. Everything is possible with just one touch on your smartphone, so getting a high-tech mattress would be a wise investment.

Return policy and trial period

Most online retailers offer an extended trial period for you to test the mattress while sleeping in your bedroom (not just for 15 minutes in a showroom). That is an excellent perk of online shopping as well! Just make sure you find out all the details about the return policy in case you aren’t satisfied with the product. If you have the desired information and you’ve already checked how well the product is made, the quality of the materials, the motion isolation, its heat transfer features and expected durability, I’d say you’re good to go. Sleep well!

Written by Tom Hardy

"I am Tom Hardy co-founder of Toys Advisors blog . I have a lovely family with my wife Sophie, my son Quentin and my daughter Sarah. I spent most of time with my family, I learn and share about parenting, DIY"

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