What Would Happen if America Redesigned Europe’s Favourite Cars

Can I get flames on the side of my Mercedes please?

European car manufacturers are some of the best in the world. Think Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Jaguar.

They sell vast amounts of units across Germany, France and the UK, but they don’t seem to shift as many in the US.

So what would make these cars more appealing to the American market? Well, there is only one way to go… Let the Americans actually design their versions of some of Europe’s best-selling automobiles themselves.

Select Car Leasing have been busy giving cars such as the Fiat 500 and the Renault Scenic American makeovers whilst providing them with the tools to succeed Stateside.

Fiat 500 Hot Rod

The Fiat 500 sold a measly 5,000 in 2018 vs Europe’s 118,000. With a bit of hot road customisation this version I’m sure would sell like hot cakes.

Audi TT “Muscle Edition”

The Audi TT only sold 12,000 units in the US compared to Europe’s 38,000 in 2000. Mash it up with a bit of muscle and this is a thing of beauty.

Renault Scenic Pick Up Truck

Although the Renault Scenic has never been sold in the US, if it was it would be classed as a ‘soccer mom’s’ car! In Europe it is the best selling MPV shifting 90,680 units in 2018. By turning this trusty MPV into a pick up truck it might just catch on!

Volkswagen Golf 70s Woody Wagon

The VW Golf is everywhere on Europe’s roads with staggering sales of over 445,000 vs only 42,000 in the US in 2018. If you added some vintage 1960/70s wooded panels to make it a big family station wagon it could become a best-seller!

Volkswagen Passat American Saloon

Personally I think the Passat lacks appeal and maybe the reason it isn’t a big seller in the US is because of the more stylish alternatives on offer from more popular American brands such as Chevrolet, and Japanese offerings from Acura and Nissan. In 2018, the Passat sold just 41,000 units in the USA compared to over 150,000 in Europe.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Corvette Viper Mashup

The Mercedes E Class does actually sell pretty well across the US racking up sales of 45,000 in 2018. With a little bit of grunt the E Class could be the sports car that American’s love.

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