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Why Are These 30 Things Awkward When They Shouldn’t Be?

They really shouldn’t be!

If you stop and think about all the awkward situations there are in life then you’d never leave your house!

If you are a bit socially awkward then don’t dwell on that because the more you think about it the more things seem you will find to be awkward as hell.

These are 30 awkward situations you may find yourself in but they shouldn’t be.

Walking out of a store without actually buying anything

I always feel like a thief when I’m doing this. What makes it worse if it’s a supermarket like Aldi where you can’t get out unless you walk through the checkout area.

When people sing “Happy Birthday” to you

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All you can do is smile and grin awkwardly. At least it’s only got one chorus!

Having to turn around and walk the other way

I don’t know why this is awkward but it is one of the most awkward things to do. You almost have to act out and pretend you have forgotten something

When someone knocks on the door while you’re in the restroom cubicle and you have to answer because they know you’re in there

“…. There’s somebody in here”

When people are watching you do something and you start to make mistakes

This is one of the worst. You can be the best in your field but when someone is standing over you and observing it’s almost like you seem to forget how to do it.

Getting out of a swimming pool

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Unless you’ve got the body of an adonis this makes you feel so self-conscious and really vulnerable. You feel everybody is watching and you have to make sure everything is in place and your swimsuit hasn’t gone up your ass. If you are a guy then you end up having to make sure your shorts haven’t pulled down showing your ass crack or become vacuum-packed around your groin area. This is made much worse if you are not using the steps to get out.

When you are speaking to people and no one hears you and someone says “WHAT?” or “Speak up”

This is even worse if you are doing a public speech.

Pretending to need something else at the groceries because somebody is in the way

It’s inevitable that somebody will be dawdling around that particular item you need from the shelf in the local store.

When you sit in a chair and it makes a fart noise

Oh, the embarrassment!

When you say goodbye and you end up both walking in the same direction together

“Ah, you’re walking this way too?”

Opening Birthday cards trying to act like you haven’t seen money in there

“Awww, thank you” Trying to stop the cash from falling out trying to guess how much is in there

Walking back after bowling

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Why does this feel awkward?

When you see someone walking in your direction from a distance and you have to awkwardly wait until they’re close enough to smile or say hi if you know them


When someone holds the door open for you but you’re still a fair distance from the door

I’ll tell you what, if I’m more than 5 steps away just don’t hold it for me

Parking next to someone who is sitting in their car

It’s even worse if you have to maneuver the car a few times to straighten up to get in the parking space

When someone calls you by the wrong name

If you don’t correct them straight away it can be super awkward, especially when it’s been 3 years and somebody still calls you Rachel when your name is Riley.

When you are looking for someone in a restaurant or theater who is already there but you don’t know where they’re sitting

It is almost like a real-life game of Where’s Waldo!

When your stomach starts growling

You can guarantee this will happen at the quietest part of a meeting

Entering an elevator with a group of people and the whole time it is silent

There’s something about being in a cramped space with strangers

Having to introduce yourself in a meeting or classroom

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Once your past school you expect this to never be a thing again, but fast forward to being an adult and attending a meeting with strangers and there it crops again… “We will go around the room and introduce yourself”

Eating messy food

Eating in front of people can sometimes be awkward but when your chomping down on a sloppy burger or chicken wings or ribs that can be messy is worse

Sneezing in public

Making a big “atchoo” sound right out of the blue and then having to wait for someone to maybe say “gesundheit” or “bless you”

Blowing or wiping your nose in public

What makes this worse if your nose is particular snotty

Walking past a group of people that are hanging around

I’m just waiting for somebody to say something negative or if you’re a female something sexist

Walking at a crosswalk when a car stopped

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This is what crosswalks are for but it seems mega awkward if I’m the only one that is crossing. I always think the drivers are judging and cursing me for making them stop

When you’re backing out of the car park space and someone is waiting to take your spot

I always feel like people are judging my driving

Written by Riley

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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