20 Times Disney Pixar Went Too Damn Dark and Broke our Heart!

We love Disney Pixar and we like the fact that they tackle and show a lot of issues that some cartoons would plainly avoid.

Maybe because the other cartoons didn’t want children to be sad, have adults have to explain to them what the hell is going on or basically they probably had s**t writers compared to Pixar!

Sometimes though, things get a little too dark, they can build you up and then break your damn heart!

Up –  We follow the delightful story of how Carl and Ellie meet and their plans for the future, only for Ellie to suffer a miscarriage.

… We then fast forward to Ellie on her death bed and eventually her funeral. Not only did they not have kids, but Ellie never got to go to Paradise Falls because life just got in the way. It’s total heartbreaking!

Toy Story 3 – The twisted and bitter Lotso who would happily let Woody and the gang, the toys we have followed and fell in love with since the first film die in the incinerator, even after they saved him. Booooo!

…. When they are trapped in the incinerator and they all hold hands and accept their fate as they get closer and closer to being burned alive!

Toy Story – Knowing that all of the toys that Sid tortured, experimented on and even blew up were fully conscious at the time. Holy shit that’s dark!

The heartbreaking story of how Jessie was abandoned by her owner in Toy Story 2.

Inside Out – When poor old Bing Bong sacrificed himself so Joy could make it out of Riley’s memory dump to save her. “Take her to the moon for me, okay?” <tears>

… and when Riley steals her mum’s credit card and purchases an express bus ticket, and then runs off to go back to her home town!

Ratatiouille – When we could clearly see along with Remy and his dad all those dead rats hanging up in the rat catchers window. Nice!

Cars – The fact that you learn that Mater lives in a scrap yard for cars, which is like a human living in a place with body parts strewn all around them!

Monsters Inc – When Sully thinks that Boo has been killed, crushed and compacted into a cube.

… and when Boo was strapped into a chair by Randall so he could ‘scream the hell’ out of her!

The whole freaking story of how Monsters get their energy too!

The Incredibles – When Edna Mode explained why capes are bad and revealed the fate of numerous caped superheroes.

The realisation that Syndrome had lured and killed multiples of superheroes just to test his killing machine on his superlair island.

When Bob believes his whole family have been killed by Syndrome who even when he knew Bob’s  kids were on board the plane still blew it up.

Wall-E – This film showing us the problems with A.I, with the evil Auto computer that controlled the Axium taking full control and tried to keep humans in space all because of an old protocol they thought they still had to follow.

Finding Nemo – When the evil Barracuda fish ate Marlin’s wife Coral and their 400 children just leaving Nemo.

… and the scene where we all think Nemo has been killed before he was given to Darla.

A Bug’s Life – The brutal beating of Flik by Hopper

… and the inevitable fate of Hopper to a nest of hungry chicks.

Written by Riley

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist


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  1. So you think everything should be rainbows and unicorns… What a crock! Just because you want to live in a make believe world that is full of safe places doesn’t mean the majority has to follow the same bs rules.
    Kids like to see that others get through hard times, because it gives them hope. So no, Disney Pixar didn’t go to far by showing real world situations. Kids feel hurt when their family looses a baby or other tragedies.
    They don’t need cold hearted people like you to try to take hope away from them.

    • I’m not sure that’s actually what Riley meant. They praised Pixar’s tendency to show difficult situations in the opening description, and claimed that other animated movies “probably had s**t writers compared to Pixar”. To me, it seems less like they’re saying “Pixar went farther than they should have” and more like they’re saying “Part of why Pixar’s movies are so good is that they’re not afraid to go out of our comfort zone”.

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