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If Disney Princesses Had to Face Real Life Problems

Please be advised this post contains upsetting images!

The Disney Princess is the sign of ultimate purity. Although they do attract their fair share of danger and misfortune, due to some evil Queen or step-mother trying to feed them poison apples or lock them in the attic!

What if they had to face real-world problems? Shannon Dermody, a photographer based in Philadelphia has created this amazing photo series,featuring our beloved, sweet Princesses in some real-world nightmares.

Dermody created these shocking images to raise awareness about the daily plights that some people in the world have to endure each day, such as drugs, domestic violence, sex trafficking, rape and more truly despicable problems.

Take a look for yourself, this is some scary stuff! Please be advised this post contains upsetting images!

You can see more at: Shannon Dermody

Domestic Violence

© Shannon Dermody


© Shannon Dermody


© Shannon Dermody

Sex Trafficking

© Shannon Dermody


© Shannon Dermody

Police Brutality

© Shannon Dermody


© Shannon Dermody


© Shannon Dermody


© Shannon Dermody

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