These Are the Movies That We Want To See in the Future

Please make these happen!

With Hollywood officially running out of ideas for new movies and the need to reboot or remake  everything we thought we would give them some ideas to help them by.

From live-action versions of animated classics such as ‘Wacky Races’ to long awaited sequels and reboots to much loved family faves such as ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Short Circuit’.

The Jetsons Live-Action


We got two live-action Flintstones and Scooby-Doo movies and also Josie and the Pussycats but apart from Wacky Races, the Blue Falcon and the Flintstones the only other live-action movie I would want to see is the Jetsons from the Hanna-Barbera stable.

It would be so easy to make this movie and re-imaging a futuristic world. Come on why wasn’t it ever made?

Short Circuit Reboot or Sequel


Yes, we had Chappie but it wasn’t the same! You could easily reboot this movie and with modern CGI Johnny 5 could look even better and wouldn’t need to have that awful back wheel to allow him to steer. He could also have a voice that wasn’t annoying too!

On the other hand you could make a sequel but of course nowadays we could never get away with brown faced Fisher Stevens playing Ben Jabituya the creator of Johnny 5 for obvious reasons.

The Goonies 2

This was planned but never happened and now the stars are getting older and older and we would need to focus on their grand kids at this rate. Come on, Goonies never say die!

Home Alone 30 Years Later


Forget that Disney is rebooting this awesome movie we want a proper sequel to Home Alone 2. Macaulay Culkin said he would definitely reprise his role as Kevin McAllister so why can’t we have a sequel where Kevin is all grown up and his kids could be the main characters. We could also see the Wet Bandits make a return trying to get revenge on Kevin!

Wacky Races


This is the film I wished Hanna-Barbera would have green lit as soon as they made the Flintstones  in the 90s. Could you imagine a live-action Dick Dastardly and Muttley, that would be awesome right? They could then make ‘Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines’ too.

More Back to the Future movies or a TV series


Back to the Future is considered one of the greatest family movies of all time but the whole concept of the movie is wasted. They have a time machine but only go back to 1885, 1955 and forward to 2015 and that’s it! The many movies or TV episodes they could have made travelling to different times throughout history. The possibilities are endless!

Time Cop Series


Speaking of a wasted concept, Time cop is also a franchise with more potential. I’m not saying reboot the movie but why can’t Netflix of Amazon make a new Time Cop series. There was a very short-lived series in 1997 but made today this would be great. Like I said about BTTF the possibilities for episode ideas is endless!

Commando 2


I would love to see a sequel that includes one of the greatest character names in action movie history – John Matrix!

Rambo has had lots of sequels so why couldn’t Matrix get at least one more mission?

A decent Transformers movie


We got so excited back in the 00s when they announced that they were finally making a live-action Transformer movie. Then in 2007 we got  the first movie and it was a huge disappointment and then sequel by sequel they got worse and more ridiculous and then they introduced Mark Whalburg and Knights then that was it, f**ked forever! Finally we had Bumblebee in 2018 and it shone a light on what could be. Then nothing!



The classic 80s kids TV show would have made a perfect movie. Cars that can turn into Jet planes and trucks turning into tank. This would have been awesome!



The live-action movie of this anime is supposed to still be in production but over the years it’s had famous people linked to it and leave including Leonardo DiCaprio and Morgan Freeman but still we haven’t even seen anything come about it. In 2015 we even featured the concept art for the planned movie, but this was scrapped. It is either still in production hell or on hiatus who knows any more?

Ace Ventura 3


No we aren’t including Ace Ventura Jnr! I would have said that Jim Carrey had moved away from those early wacky roles he did such that made him so famous in the first place such as Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber and The Mask, but with him making a sequel to Dumb and Dumber and playing Dr Robotnik in the recent Sonic move I could see him reprising this role. Amazon just announced they are planning a sequel to Ace Ventura but will it feature Jim Carrey or be a reboot?

A decent Predator Sequel with Arnie in it


Back to Arnie again. This time returning as Dutch from the first and only good Predator movie (see our take on this here). Okay Predator 2 was okay! Arnie was asked to return in the recent ‘The Predator’ movie but was only offered a tiny part and so turned it down. That move had so much potential but flopped so hard!

Jason and the Argonauts


I love watching the 1960s version of Jason but I can’t help feel the special effects look really dated nowadays and the acting isn’t that amazing either. I would love to see a decent remake of this movie, but please make it better than ‘Clash of the Titans’ please!

The Iron Giant Live-Action


With Disney remaking all their classic feature length animations into live-action, why can’t other animation studios get in on the act? The Iron Giant is already a classic animation don’t get me wrong but a live-action remake featuring that awesome giant would be cool.

The Mask Reboot or Sequel


We got ‘Son of Mask’ which is one of the worst movies ever made when we should have got a proper sequel. I think it is time to reboot with a more darker comic book tone and feel would be great do you not think?

Ferris Bueller 2


Like home alone we could catch up with Ferris all these years later and have him maybe skive off work for the day or maybe his kids could do what he did?

A series The Breakfast Club like Cobra Kai


The Breakfast Club is one of my favourite 80s movies and it would piss me off if they ever tried to remake this movie. What I would like is a catch up series done like Cobra Kai following the characters where they are today.

Attack on Titan


Another classic anime that was originally announced that they were making and then nothing. Who wouldn’t want to see this as live action? They made it in Japan but the CGI was a bit ropey. I would love to see a Hollywood live-action version some day.

Ghostbusters 3


The second sequel to Ghostbusters really should have been out in the 90s but ever happened, maybe because Ghostbusters 2 wasn’t such a big success as the first film and Bill Murray being a real difficult person who put off any sequels for decades. We’ve wanted a sequel so long for this franchise and we got the awful reboot in 2016 instead. We are getting a sequel but will it be any good as we’ve already lost one of the main characters in Harold Ramis’s Egon!

The Running Man


Yes, another Arnie movie! This is a movie I thought they would have definitely rebooted long before now. I hear that it is finally being reimagined with Edgar Wright directing so we will just have to wait and see.

Aliens sequel set on Earth


At the end of Alien Resurrection Ripley’s clone finally makes it back to Earth and we suspected they might have made another sequel this time with Ripley battling Aliens on Earth but we didn’t get anything. Instead we got ‘Aliens vs Predator 1 & 2′, a prequel ‘Prometheus’ and it’s sequel ‘Covenant‘ which were all meh!

Plastic Man


Back in the 90s I used to watch a show on Cartoon Network called Plastic Man which was a late 70s/early 80s animated series based on the DC superhero comic character of the same name. A live -action superhero movie like this would have been awesome with an actor like Jim Carrey playing the role!

Blue Falcon and DynoMutt


Another Hanna-Barbera potential movie this time with one of their superheroes Blue Falcon. Superheroes are all the rage and why not cash in on it and why not Space Ghost too?

A movie reboot that doesn’t have to be woke

Nowadays it’s easy to announce a re-imaging of a classic movie and reboot and change the race, sex and sexuality of the characters. These castings are woke for the sake of being woke and triggers a debate. If you moan that your beloved childhood hero from your favourite movie is now different you get called a racist, sexist or homophobe. When you clearly aren’t but the woke cancel culture brigade won’t let you have your own opinion nowadays. F**k them!


An alien invasion film from the view of the aliens and we are invading them. You could say Avatar is that but I mean more like a reverse Independence day or even reverse Arrival!

Written by Jay

A caffeine-based life form with a love of the 80s and pop culture.

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