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5 Insane Things My Kids Watch on YouTube

They watch endlessly other children playing with toys they have. It’s crazy!

When I was a kid the internet was in its infancy. We had dial-up internet, which was slow as f#*k. It would take hours just to download a song or two.

If you tried to download anything bigger then you’d have to leave your computer on overnight or all week while it downloaded. If your mum went to use the phone at the same time then it was a disaster!

We didn’t have the luxury of streaming services and fibre optics back then in the old days. Kids today can watch anything, anytime and any place, they are so spoilt!

My eldest son who is 4, loves YouTube and watches it a lot on his iPad. He watches many of the ‘YouTube families’ like Family Fun Pack and his favourite at themoment is Sammie and his dad’s channel Arcadius Kul. All these people are clearly paid to promote the toys and sweets they show and I’m sure it’s good money, because I’ve heard that they make millions, although I still think it’s exploitation myself.

I need to set the record straight. He’s not on the iPad all day. Just maybe an hour a day of that. This is just a small sample of the weird and crazy stuff he watches…

5. Other Kids Unboxing and Playing with Toys

He loves to watch other kids unbox and play with expensive toys and continues to ask “can I have that?” Referring to a realistic looking £1000 RC truck. To which I usually reply “yes, for your birthday or Christmas”, which is almost like a subconscious thing my body does now.

It’s not just that, he also watches kids playing with toys he’s actually got himself!

4. Things Being Put in an Industrial Shredder or Crusher Machine!

I’m not saying my kid has an appetite for destruction, but some of the bizarre stuff he watches does make me think!

I have to admit this is actually kind of therapeutic. From toy cars to food and everyday objects to actual real cars they all get put through a huge industrial shredder or crushing machines and it’s really quite satisfying to watch!

3.  Video Games Simulations Where Vehicles Crash

I actually like this one too. The videos are usually recorded from a video game called BeamNG and they show some insane crashes involving a variety of different vehicles from cars, lorries and even school buses and over some crazy terrains too.

2.  Electrical Appliances Tested to Death!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you threw a brick into a washing machine while it was on? Well, there’s a video for that on YouTube as well as other appliances that are literally tested until they explode or disintigrate.

1.  Kids Opening Surprise Eggs

This is the one that got him hooked on YouTube in the first place. Watching kids open all shapes and sizes of ‘surprise eggs’. From Kinder Joy to giant eggs made from Play-Doh and containing all kinds of toys and sweets. There are videos on there where they open 100 eggs and they must cost a fortune, but like I said these YouTubers are paid to do this shit and to be honest it makes me kind of jealous. Now where has my action camera gone? It’s time to make some videos.

Written by Jay

A caffeine-based life form with a love of the 80s and pop culture.

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