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So Annoying! 10 Things That Really Suck Vol. 2

They get on my tits!

Welcome to the second volume of ten things that really f**ckin’ suck. 

These are the things that really annoy us and we wish would go away, but unfortunately we have no control over. We touched on a number of annoying things last year including rich celebrities begging us to give money to charity, reality TV and freemium games.

In this volume we could have easily included Donald Trump and terrorism because nobody wants those two things, but they were too obvious.

10. People Who Think the Earth is Flat

There really is a bunch of brain-dead morons out there in the year 2017 that still think our planet is flat! We aren’t making this shit up either.

Get this, one disillusioned guy took a spirit level on a plane to demonstrate that the Earth was flat, but didn’t quite grasp the fact that Earth is pretty huge and the fact we have gravity!

These next three are things that infuriate us about the internet…

9. Click Bait

Click bait is one of the most annoying things about the internet.

You know the ones with titles such as ‘This girl didn’t know what was inside her, until they cut off her pants! Shocking‘. Basically, she was pregnant and she didn’t know! Then there are those infuriating ads you usually see at the bottom of web articles. The ones that show a photo of a celebrity and a random fat person next to each other who just happens to have a very slight resemblance.

They then have a headline saying You will never believe what Johnny Depp looks like now’. It’s all bullshit and usually leads us to an article spread over multiple pages, which is next up on our list.

8. Websites that Spread a Small List Article Over Multiple, Multiple Pages Full of Adverts

You must have seen these pages. They have headlines like the ’10 best toys we had in the 90s’, but instead of placing the small list of 10 toys on one page, they spread it over 10 or more pages to bring us this crappy and badly published post.

On each page there will be a blurry crap quality image and if you are lucky a small paragraph. They will always be littered with a billion Google Adsense adverts.

You can guarantee that one of the adverts will feature an arrow and placed right next to the Next Page button just to confuse people to which they should press!

7. Fake News

Fake news is definitely one of the 21st centuries biggest problems. If we have learned anything, it is that there are a lot of ‘thick as shit’ people everywhere. People who get so influenced by everything they see on the internet and what they hear on the news. They take it as fact without any evidence. Just because it’s on your Facebook feed it doesn’t make it true.

It encourages hatred, invokes violence and is proven to swing elections and referendums. It is pure poison and there are websites out there who take pride in all the bullshit they spread.

The worst cases are where they make up fake missing people in world disasters or terrorist attacks. It’s totally sickening.

6. Shrinking Products

By shrinking products we mean food and drink items that seem to go up in price, but also shrink in size too!

The manufacturers will say it’s because of rising costs, better packaging or new improved ingredients. No, it’s called making as much profit as you can you thieving bastards!

5. People Who Deny Climate Change

These people aren’t quite as dumb as the ‘Earth is flat’ morons, but denying climate change when there is confirmed scientific evidence is just plain mental and you all need a slap. No, seriously!

The scary thing is that some of the people who believe this horse shit are in political power. Cough.., Trump… Cough!

4. Pharmaceutical Companies Ripping Us Off

I can go to any supermarket and pick up a pack of painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen for around 25p or I could waste around £3 on some branded painkillers such as Nurofen instead.

People are so easily fooled by brand products and think just because its branded and it costs 10 times more it must be better and work more effectively, but it’s bollocks! It is a legal requirement that all painkillers, no matter who manufacturers them must contain exactly the same ingredients.It’s apparently up to the manufacturers on pricing, the money-grabbing assholes! Think next time you have a headache!

3. Bloggers and Vloggers

In the mid 00s if you said that you were a blogger then people would have been pretty impressed or they would have asked ‘what the hell is a blogger?’ Today, If you say to me that your occupation is a blogger I just want to punch you in the face. Nowadays, everyone seems to be a blogger and it’s always the same shit. Usually middle class assholes who talk about fashion and beauty, food and recipes, their travels or its dickheads playing video games. Thee wankers are sent products go free to try out and give their biased opinion. It’s never-ending, the blogs are everywhere. we are surrounding by egotistical morons who are all after their 15 minutes of fame. What’s worse than a blogger? A vlogger because we have to watch them on YouTube!

2. People Who Vape

All I can say on this is… Pick one. You smoke or you don’t, but don’t vape like a c**t!

I’m not even slagging off smokers, but I hate vapers! You look like a douche bag with your big dopey looking vaping pipe in your mouth. By the way don’t vape in public places either, people don’t actually like stupid stinky vapour blown in their face even if it does smells of blue raspberry!

We finally managed to banish smokers from public places and got rid of tobacco advertising and tobacco shops off the high street, but now they seem to all be clawing their way back with avengeance with vaping.

The shops are everywhere. Vaping is supposed to be for people trying to quit smoking. Instead people are just switching to vaping and staying on it for good because they think they can vape in public spaces and at work. The worst thing about this is that kids are just starting on vaping even though they don’t smoke. Vaping is the bane of 2010s. It’s safer than smoking but it’s still not proven that it’s totally safe in the long-term.

1. Being Proper Broke

I’ve pretty much been broke all my adult life, I know what it is like to juggle the finances every month and when I say “I’m broke”, I actually mean it, I have no money what so ever. Some people on the other hand really will never understand how it is to struggle.

When they say they are broke they mean they have no extra money for luxuries like a new sports car or the latest iPhone. There seems to be two standards of having no money.

Standard one – Being so broke you can’t even afford to eat. Then having to borrow some off a good friend or family member.

Standard two – Being so broke that you can’t afford to go away for the weekend shopping with your girlfriends.

And I’m done…

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix

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