8 Reasons I Stopped Shopping at Aldi

FFS get an express checkout!

This isn’t an anti-Aldi post, this is just my opinion of one of the ‘suspiciously’ popular supermarkets on the high street and there are a number of things that annoy me about this worldwide retail giant.

We will start off with the biggest thing that annoys me most about Aldi…

No Express or Self-Service Checkouts

Life is too short for queuing! Have you ever just nipped into an Aldi on your lunch break for a pint of milk or a sandwich and then had to queue behind several people before you who have got two weeks worth of groceries laid out on the conveyor. You have to hope and pray that one of these people give you a break and let you go before them.

* It’s 2017, please provide some kind of quicker checkout for the people on lunch breaks, even if it’s a 10 items or less counter!

No Time to Bag Groceries

Heaven forbid if you have more than a bags worth of shopping, because the person on checkout will scan your items through before you even have time to think. Do not attempt to bag your items as you will get told off. You’ll have to make your way to the….

…The Shelf of Despair

Because there is no time for packing, you will have to throw all your items back in the trolley and skulk over to the packing area, which is just a big communal shelf of despair by the window. Here you will try to ram your items in bags as quick as possible, kind of like you would if you used a laundrette and you try to bag your washed clothes without anyone seeing your underwear.

The Baskets of Mystery in the Centre Aisles

These huge mystical shelf/basket/cage combos areas contain all manner of items from electric toothbrushes to clothing and even hot tubs! Who knows what you will find in these baskets today? All the clothes will only have size large or small left so don’t even bother looking at them. It’s like sifting through a market stall for something good, but you’ll most likely not bother in the end!

No Branded Items

Okay, Aldi so sell the occasional one or two items that are branded, but most of the items will be from companies you never heard of or made by well-known companies and re-branded for Aldi.

No Sell by Dates on Packed Fruit or Veg

Okay, I’m not going to die from eating rotten veg, but I’d like to know how long my apples or carrots have been hanging around on your shelves and will they still be okay tomorrow when I come to use them in my cooking.

The Smug Misleading Advertising

You’ve seen the adverts on TV where they compare a basket full of ‘branded’ items from Asda or Tesco and then show their basket full of Aldi products, which turns out to be cheaper, d’uh!

I bet if you compared Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s own brand items the results will be a lot different if not cheaper than Aldi!

Separate Ways in and Out

When I visit Aldi it’s kind of like visiting a supermarket from the past with its layout. Like Ikea, Aldi likes to dictate which way you have to go in and out of its supermarkets. So, if you don’t buy anything or forget your money in your car you have to try to find an empty checkout you can get out through just to get back out.

Written by Leeson

Part-time blogger, full-time coffee addict and lead designer at Lavoisier Technology Group. I love movies, peanut butter and tech.


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