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Annoying Things That Make Facebook Suck

It’s a 24/7 annoyance!

In the old days we relied on meeting up with family and friends to catch up and share what we’ve all been up to recently.

Nowadays, it’s all shoved in our face 24/7 with the aid of Facebook. We don’t even need to leave our house because it’s on our computers, smart phones, tablets and now our smart watches, we can’t escape it!

Sometimes the stuff I read on social networking sites can literally make me want to smash my phone up. I also think I may have a repetitive strain injury from the amount of facepalms I have done from people posting utter crap!

It’s now a way of life. New people you meet, don’t ask for your phone number anymore, or even your email address, they just ask if we are on Facebook!

I suppose I’m a big hypocrite for moaning about FB as it’s one of the first things I check in the morning, but there are so many things wrong with it, and it’s not just the down to the people who are on it!

Yes, I admit that it’s a great communication tool for staying in touch with people, whether it be your best chums, family and loved ones and even those people from your childhood that you like to keep a safe distant from.

Here’s a list of ‘Annoying Things That Make Facebook Suck’!


1. People Over Sharing Crap

People share way too much information on Facebook and a lot of it is just absolutely pointless, uninteresting and unimportant. I’m not sure if these people have a high opinion of themselves or are desperate for attention.

You know the kind of people who just have to share everything detail of their lives. They share what they are eating (sometimes including a photo of their food), where they are, what TV show they are watching and music they may be listening to.

Do you really need to check-in at your local McDonald’s? Yes, we know you have awful taste in music, so, do you really need to share that Skrillex Music video from 5 years ago? We really don’t care!

If they are not getting enough attention, then they resort to posting a random update, so they can get the – “You okay hun?” response from other people.

They start tagging people in statuses with comments like, “This is what we talking about the other month Julie, Sandra, Roger, Sam, LOL”. Some of these people even delete a status update if nobody comments or it hasn’t gotten enough likes.

They may post ‘social experiments’ such as ‘This is a game to see how many people are reading my wall’ and they even counter post when other people post an update to deflect the attention back onto them. I’m being serious!

These desperate and needy people, who are secretly shouting “look at me, love me, love me”.

sublime99-facebook-problems (3)


2. Sometimes Your Best or Important Posts Go Unnoticed While Pointless Posts by Other People are Liked Too Much

This is the biggest reason I think that Facebook sucks.I could tell the wittiest joke in the world or announce some amazing news and it sometimes gets lost in the feeds. Only for one of my friends to post some random garbage like “I feel like a burger tonight”, which then gets 22 likes and a 11 comments. It’s totally crushing, believe me!


3. You Can Get a Sense of Having an Uninteresting Life Compared to Other People

I have suffered this feeling. I see old school and college friends who seem to live these amazing lives. It makes you feel envious. They post loads of photos of their social activities and nights out, their new house, new car and fantastic holidays. They seem to have a great life and make you want to be part of it again.

Although if I look at another way. It may only be cosmetic and for show, and people have a good way of fabricating things. Then I remember that this person was a complete dick at school and I’m sure that they probably still are. Do those people he’s tagging in his photos really like him? It does make you think though.

sublime99-facebook-problems (2)


4. People Jumping on the Bandwagon with Latest Activities

I think we all remember the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ from 2014, but I’d say a lot of people out there only did this to jump on the band wagon. It’s the case of the following sheep syndrome. Did they all really give any money to charity too?

Other annoying activities include ‘7 things people may not know about you’, ‘Repost your first profile photo’ and ‘Neknominate’.


5. Feed Changing from ‘Most Recent’ to ‘Top Posts’

The biggest annoyance when I go on Facebook is that the feed is all messed up because Facebook thinks that I want to see the top posts instead of my friends recent posts. This means that I actually miss recent updates from people because they get drowned out by the supposedly more interesting news that Facebook thinks I want to see.

Just because my friend Jill posts a funny photo of her cat which gets a lot of likes, which then in turn gets shoved at the top of my feed. So, my friend Dave’s post about some important news gets overshadowed because it didn’t get as many likes and which I miss completely.


6. ‘People You May Know’ Section

We all know that Facebook and Google are spying on us all the biggest collector of data and information from us all, but this ‘People you may know section‘ can get disturbing.

For example recently this section showed me a loads of ‘people I may know’ (and a lot I’d rather not) and one of them was an ex from over 10 years ago and another was my old driving instructor. How would Facebook know that I know these people as they don’t have any mutual friends to me? Have these people still got my contact details stored in their phone, which they have unwittingly synced their contacts to FB? Who knows how this sorcery works!?


7. Having a Separate App for Facebook Messaging

Another example of Facebook telling us they know what’s best for us. Now we can’t send private messages from the mobile app, we have to now download yet another app Facebook Messenger (aka The Data and Info Stealing Machine), taking up more room on and draining the battery of our devices.

Obviously, Facebook have big plans for this separate messaging app, like getting people to use this instead of SMS and even using it for voice and video calling, so they can spy on us more maybe?


8. People Uploading Too Many of the Same Photos

This could probably be in the ‘Sharing Too Much Crap’ section too. I have a few friends on Facebook that seem to just plug in their camera and press some kind of ‘send all to Facebook’ button as they post over 100 photos from a day out. This includes out of focus blurred images and photos of peoples legs and feet that have been taken by accident!


9. Game Requests

I don’t even need to say any more! Let’s move on…


10. Fake Profiles Here There and Everywhere

Facebook boasts that it has 1.35 billion users, but how many of them are actually real people under those profiles?

I have friends (sad friends) who have more than one profile of them self so they can play games and stuff. Every now and again you get a friend request from a complete stranger with a completely obvious fake profile picture.

You know the kind of profiles that have a supermodel photo and only one photo in their photos section, which is a huge giveaway. I don’t know why people have fake profiles, but maybe their lives are so dull they need a different profile to hide under!

sublime99-facebook-problems (5)


11. Timehop and Now Facebook Memory Updates

There is nothing more annoying than annoying people’s updates, except… annoying people’s annoying recycled and re-posted annoying updates!

Ooh look! Here’s a photo of me at a wedding 4 years ago today. Oh joy!

This again is for those people so obsessed with themselves they have to shove their memories in our face, over and over and over!


12. Fad Fan Pages that are Just Collecting Followers and Likes

People set up these ‘support’ and ‘respect’ pages to make it look like they are providing a service to us all. Pages about a recently dead celebrity or support for armed forces or even a cancer sufferer.

They think they are meaning well, but a lot of them, after the steam has ran out on the cause and there isn’t much else to say, resort to random updates of memes, jokes and re-posts of news articles and videos. All of which have no connection what so ever to what the page was originally set up for. The pages seem to just be an outlet for whatever the page admin likes.


13. People who Believe Everything They See on the Internet

Ever since the 90’s we have had those ridiculous chain emails, but now they have transferred onto Facebook and there is nothing worse than people who are scared into sharing them. The ones that state if you don’t share, then you will come to a horrible death or something bad will happen to you. It’s 2015 and people believe this s*#t!

Not only that, we also have annoying ‘share to win’ fake scam competitions that you may have seen recently. They state that they have 100 Apple iMacs that have had their boxes opened, so they cannot resell them. So, if you like and share this post, then you have a chance of receiving one of these £1000+ machines for free! What a load of bulls*#t!

And then we have people who share news articles and photos that are obviously made-up. You may see a post with a photo of a beaten up guy and it says something like “this is what happened when a s3x offenders victims family caught up with him”, but in reality the photo was of some poor guy who’d survived a car accident.

sublime99-facebook-problems (7)


14. Image Rendering on Covers

Facebook has a terrible knack of ruining the quality of our images. Although you can select high quality for photo uploads, unfortunately, it’s not the case for when you upload the cover picture for your profile.

Back in the day when we were all using MySpace we could completely customise and personalise the look of our profiles, even adding HTML. Facebook restricts this, but ever since 2012 we have been allowed to add a cover image to our profile.

This may not be an issue for most people, but if you are a designer, artist or creative and you have spent a lot of time creating an exclusive cover for yourself that fits exactly to the 851×315 measurements that Facebook sets out, it’s just a shame the end results quality is f*#ed!


15. People Search is Practically Useless

Have you ever tried a people search on Facebook? It’s a pile of pants. It’s even worse when the person you may be searching for has a common name like ‘John Smith’!


16. People Who Set up or Let Their Underage Kids Have Profiles

Facebook allows people as young as 13 to have Facebook profiles (unfortunately!), but you do see kids younger than that on there and sometimes these profiles are set up by their (responsible) parents. The worst thing about it is that you may get a friend request from your friends kids and it can makes the situation very creepy.

People need to think before they let their underage kids on there. The Internet is a scary place and sites like Facebook are full of creepy weirdos with mental views, tastes and opinions. These creepy people could be befriending, chatting to and stealing photos of your children.

That is my rant over. On conclusion though, love it or hate it Facebook is here to stay, and I suppose if it does annoy us too much then maybe we shouldn’t go on it!

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix


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