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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Everyday

Can you keep up the pace?

You may not realise there are a lot more benefits to having daily sex than just pleasure and a bit of exercise.

From improving our physical and mental health. Boosting our immune system and stimulating the old brain you’d be surprised at how frequent love-making can improve our lives.

You will  want to be having more sex once you see the great benefits. If you can keep up the pace that is!

Let us start off with the great health benefits it brings….

Daily Sex Can Improve and Help your Physical Health

Well surely this is a no-brainer really! Having sex every day is one hell of a great way to get the exercise in. It helps you lose weight, improve your balance and you can get a good workout in and all this while having fun. It’s a great source of cardio exercise, which is good for improving the strength of your back, hips, legs abs and other muscles.

Daily Sex Can Improve Your Mental Health

Feeling stressed or anxious? There’s a hormone called Oxytocin, which is often referred to as the ‘Cuddle Hormone’ or ‘Love hormone’. It is released when people cuddle up or bond together and when it teams up with Dopamine it is an immediate natural stress buster.

Daily Sex can Improve Your Immune Health

With recurrent sex, you release more Immunoglobulin, which is an ingredient of our immune system. This can help us ward of that next bout of cold or flu. And you know what? The more you engage in sex the more your immune system builds up to defend you.

Research has also shown that regular sex can help protect men from prostate cancer because sexual activity helps flush out cancer-causing chemicals. Also according to one study which found that women who engaged in regular sex had a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

Daily Sex Can Improve Your Emotional Health

Obviously, sex being the most intimate act we can participate in, means we are forming a very close connection emotionally with another person. Even if you aren’t into public displays of affection or even telling someone you love them.  You bring intensity by gifting yourself for mutual pleasure and helps build an eloquent bond with your loved one.

Daily Sex Helps Stimulate Your Brain

Apparently, studies have shown that sex stimulated a lot more areas of the brain than we originally thought. These areas being the hippocampus, basal forebrain, amygdala, thalamus and the hypothalamus areas. If none of those names mean anything to you, just be sure that it’s all for the good!

Daily Sex Can Help you Add Variety to Your Love Life

Well, I’m sure that no matter how many times you’ve had sex you have not tried every position, experimented in every place or tried every marital aid. There are loads of shops online such as Lovehoney and Amazon and even on the high street there are shops like Ann Summers that have a wide a variety of products to liven up your sex life.

Daily Sex Can Help You Achieve Longer Lovemaking

They say practice makes perfect and that can definitely be the case when it comes to orgasm too! Some woman can take longer to orgasm so daily sex can help prolong any premature ejaculation in the bedroom!

Daily Sex Can Help US Stay Young

What’s the secret to looking young? Apparently, sex! Research has shown that sex helps us retain youth. When we have sex it can trigger chemicals in our body and one of those is a human growth hormone in woman, which helps us stay younger.

Daily Sex Can Help us Sleep Better

We mentioned oxytocin earlier and another great side effect of this wonderful hormone, which is released during orgasm helps us achieve a much more improved sleep.

Daily Sex Can Help Achieve Multiple Orgasms

And to the final and most important reason as to why daily sex is good for us. Research as shown that with frequent love-making up to 20% of men and 14% of woman can achieve multiple orgasm. Not only that, but help you also achieve two types of orgasm surface and deep orgasm.

Written by Carrie-Ann

Joyenergizer Community Member


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