Do You Love a Caffeine Fix? The Advantages and Disadvantages of Coffee

You will be amazed to know that coffee is a 2nd largest commodity to be traded in the world.

Coffee actually has become a serious trend these days.

People out of habit have to have a cup of coffee to start their day or they can’t function. Secondly, coffee also has become a culture. Most people like a good chat while having coffee. So, having coffee in a business meeting is like a ritual.

You will be amazed to know that coffee is the second largest commodity to be traded in the world.


Even though coffee is one of the largest commodities to be traded around the world only one state in America is actually producing coffee. That state being Hawaii.

Where does coffee come from?

Coffee was actually discovered in Ethiopia by a goat harder. After finding the coffee, he shared it with the monks and they made a drink. They discovered that with this coffee drink they could stay awake the whole night and pray. That’s how the first coffee was brewed.

People love coffee so much that in ancient Arabia a woman divorced her husband just because he hated her coffee.

Below are some advantages & disadvantages of Coffee presented by

The Advantages and disadvantages of coffee


Coffee has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, few of them are mentioned below and if you love your coffee you might want to take note.

Advantages of coffee

Coffee is an energy booster

Black coffee can actually perform like black magic in your body. If you are taking coffee 1 hour earlier from your workout timings. You will feel a boost in physical performance to the extent of 11-12%.

Caffeine is a major component of coffee that increases levels of adrenaline in your blood. Adrenaline is the “fight or flight” mood of your body. In other words, factually it is a hormone which works to prepare your physical exertion.

Coffee helps in reducing weight

Along with caffeine, coffee also contains magnesium and potassium. Amazingly, magnesium and potassium can regulate your blood sugar level. Consequently, it can reduce your cravings for sugary treats and also for snakes.

Coffee is a fat burner

Caffeine, the major component of coffee that can send direct signals to your brain for breaking your fat cells. So, in this way, coffee is a fat burner.

Coffee strengthens your focus

If you want to improve your mental alertness, you can take 1 to 6 cups of coffee in a day. It will strengthen your focusing power.

Coffee lowers the risk of death

Several studies have shown that coffee intake can lower the risk of premature death effectively to the extent of 25%.  The risk of death is lower in coffee drinkers than the other people.

Coffee can reduce the risk of strokes

For lowering the risk of strokes, you will have to take an appropriate quantity of coffee. For instance, you can take 2 to 3 cups of coffee in a day.

All these above-mentioned advantages of coffee are enough reason to take coffee on a daily basis if you love coffee.

Disadvantages of coffee


Along with the advantages, sadly there are also some disadvantages of coffee.

Coffee can also react as a toxic drink

Quality of coffee matters a lot. Bad quality of coffee can entail a number of impurities in it. Overripe beans can ruin your coffee and it will be a toxic drink for you. So, be careful about your coffee beans.

Death can occur with coffee

You can die from too much coffee. Yes, it is a fact if you are taking an excessive amount of coffee. You would have to drink a lot. For instance, taking 80 to 100 cups in a short session of a few months.

It means you are taking 10 to 15 grams of caffeine in really a short session. In this way, it will definitely harm you and can cause your death.

You could be insomniac with coffee

Sadly coffee can cause insomnia. Once again you will have to take notice of the major component of coffee – caffeine.  It will keep your brain awake and result in lack of sleep and you can become a victim of insomnia.

Normally, you can take 4 cups of coffee in a day. In the case of being caffeine sensitive, you will have to be careful with your coffee amount. Only once a day is enough for you.

So, all these above-mentioned disadvantages of coffee can help you to take an appropriate amount of coffee.

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