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How Listening to Music Can Affect Your Driving

How safe is it to listen to music while I’m driving?

I love listening to music while I’m driving and if I’m going on a long road trip then there is a lot of careful planning going into my driving playlist.  I prefer to listen to my own music than the radio, which is full of annoying ads!

The big question is… How safe is it to listen to music while I’m driving?

Apparently listening to driving while listening to music increases our mental effort which is required to handle traffic situations. In a traffic jam there is a 61% increase, while a car approaching from the left is a 50% increase in mental effort.

Our choice of music can also have a dramatic affect too. Drivers who listen top uptempo tracks are more likely to jump red lights!

But saying all that studies show that music actually improves driving, so why not take a look at this infographic provided by No Nonsense Insurance to see how music can affect your driving..


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