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We Love Nintendo (in Digital Art)

It’s not just the gaming consoles either. They have created many characters that have captured our hearts!

If you’ve spent your whole life growing up with video games like me, then you may have a soft spot for Nintendo!

Nintendo, was originally founded in 1889, but back then it was just a card company. Today, we know Nintendo for video games and a number of great gaming machines over the decades. From the very first pocket Nintendos to the NES of the 80s. The Super Nintendo, N64 and Gamecube from the 90s, to the Wii and the current console the Wii U. Handhelds such as the revolutionary Gameboy and DS series. Then there is the forgettable flop of the Virtual Boy and the ill-fated and unreleased Nintendo/Sony collaboration, which would have seen – The SNES-CD. Unfortunately, the partnership broke down between the two and Sony would later release their version of the machine as the PlayStation. Just imagine how awesome that console would have been!

It’s not just the gaming consoles either. They have created many characters that have captured our hearts! The Mario Bros, Zelda and Link, Donkey Kong, Kirby and of course not forgetting Pikachu!

Let us show our appreciation for Nintendo with a showcase of Nintendo themed art. We Love you Nintendo.

Super Mario Bros – SoyUnGnomo
Pikachu 3DS Commission – TsaoShin
The Rebirth of Nintedo – gerky-art
Super Mario Bros 2 – SuperCaterina
Nintendo 3D Mario – NES–still-the-best
Fan Art Super Mario Bros – Miguel Guzman
Donkey Kong Country – Alejandro Catalan
Super Mario – Thomas Moor
SMRPG Fanart – Cassio Yoshiyaki
Super Mario Universe – LuigiL
Nintendo DS Characters – michellescribbles
The Real Pikachu – Lagutin
Majoras Mask album – ReevolveR
Mario Bros : The Lost World concept art – Tohad
Nintendo Heroes – DNZ85
Nintendo – Traptastic
Pokemon realistic interpretations – David Kent
Super Mario – Javier Burgos
The Legend of Zelda – Link – Lee Antonio
Sweet Dreams – Toby Sperring
Nintendo Land – Hyper-Wil
Super Mario – Emman Briones
Nintendo Retro = Atlas07
Mario at o2 (North Greenwich) – TMProjection
Pokemon – May – Genzoman
Yoshi – Nick Savino
Super Mario |Fanart#8 – Sephiroth Art
Mario – Super Smash Bros XPS – Andrew Doma
Proceso super Mario Bros-1985 – Rafael Gonzalez
Isometric Mario Plant | Fan Art #4 – Sephiroth Art
Super Smash Brothers Brawl 2 – Neoriceisgood
Tendonin – Vishualberdusta
Escaping – Midna01
Nintendo Vintage Poster – Vofusik
Super Metroid – Depths of Tourian – Elemental79

It’s a Me! – Jari Lankinen

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix


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