Photographer Brings Children’s Pictures To Life and the Results Are Scary!

These are awesome…

These pictures were all drawn by Don and Al, who are two young brothers behind the Instagram account @thingsihavedrawn.

The account showcases the two boys art and their dad then brings their pictures to life by creating these photo manipulations, and the end results can be a little scary!

You can see more of these amazing images on Instagram.

A couple of drawings that you might just recall: A picture of dad and a racquet and ball. And there he is playing – just look at that! You don’t want to play with a bat like that. #thingsihavedrawn #idrawwhatisaw #kidsdrawings #kidsdrawing #childrensdrawing #childrensdrawings #kidsart #kidsartwork #tennisplayer #tennisracquet #tennis #tennisball #mumsnet #drawingsbykids

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