Sack the Translator – Hilarious Chinese Mistranslations

Lost in translation!

The most spoken language in the world is Chinese, and there are between 7 and 13 main regional groups, of which the most spoken, by far, is Mandarin (about 960 million), followed by Wu (80 million), Yue (60 million) and Min (50 million).

English, on the other hand is the third most common language in the world, but the translation between the two can sometimes just get messy a long the way, almost like a game of ‘Chinese whispers!’

Somebody needs to sack their translator and concentrate more on quality control, because does anyone fancy some ‘f#*k vegetables?’, How about ‘child shredded meat?’ Just bear in mind, there is ‘no discunt’, and do make sure you don’t go ‘shiting’ down at ‘Racist Park’ while the ‘tiny grass is dreaming!’

Wow! Soup for Sluts

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (14)

Mmmm! No Cherry Cock though!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (11)

Unfortunately, the Chinese character on it’s own “干” is slang for “f#*k”, but “干” with “菜” in Chinese means dried vegetables, and if you add “类” which means ‘type’, you should get the Dried Vegetables Section.

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (25)

I think the BNP are holding a rally there next week!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (10)

Can’t you read? ‘No Shiting. Thank you’

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (41)

F**k the certain price of goods. Yeah f**k ’em!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (36)

On offer today ‘Fresh Crap!’

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (40)

Now, that is putting the ‘cock’ in cocktail!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (28)

Crack – now comes in shrimp flavour

hilarious-chinese-mistranslations (2)

Yum. Sixi Roasted Husband

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (39)

Anyone for Child Shredded Meat?

hilarious-chinese-mistranslations (1)

Sorry, no entry. Execution in progress

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (32)

Ssshhhh! Tiny Grass is Dreaming

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (35)

So, remember, ‘do drunken driving’.

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (34)

A Time Sex Thing

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (33)

No ‘discunt’, so don’t ask!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (30)

How do you put out a fire in China? With an hand grenade of course

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (29)

Don’t really fancy this dish. Sounds a bit messy!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (26)

We have all just got to ‘spread to f#*k the fruit’

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (24)

China tells it like it is!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (23)

I like your smile, but unlike you put your shoes on my face. Truly a rule we should all follow

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (20)

For those who just can’ t decide what to order. Just have ‘Whatever’

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (19)

Is this the sex toy department?

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (16)

Beware of missing foot.

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (12)

A new twist to the personal shopper service?!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (9)

Always remember that if you slip, to make sure you fall down carefully!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (7)

Oh dear…

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (5)

I’ve lost my appetitie thanks

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (3)

In England we have bins for recycling items like, paper, plastics and glass, but in China they also have bins for ‘poisonous and evil’ stuff too!

hilarious-chinses-mistranslations (2)

Written by Mila

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