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Funny Things That Have Been Overheard and Made into Illustrations

People say the most obscure things!

I’m sure we’ve all overheard some crazy things while out and about when people think that nobody is listening!

These funny illustrations are the creation of Avner Geller and the inspiration behind them was  because people say the most obscure things!

While Avner was out shopping he just happened to overhear a young woman complaining to her friend about how she and her partner couldn’t decide between two exotic locations to go for a vacation. Which is your typical ‘first world problem’ right there!

From that moment Avner got the idea for #ThingsThatIHear and started to create this compilation of awesome illustrations based on real conversations.

The great news is that a book is now in the works titled #ThingsThatIHear and should be available soon. We can’t wait!

You can see more at: and Instagram.

Written by Riley

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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