25 People Who Are Having a Really Shitty Day!

It’s just one of those days!

Having a shitty day? Things not going as planned?

You thought you were having a bad day. Just take a look at this little collection of photos that will probably make you feel a little bit better because these unfortunate people might just be having a much worse day than yourself!

From the unlucky dad with an arrow in his shoulder to the poor guy who fell and got trapped in the floor.

It’s gonna be one of those days…

Little Girl Learns the Hard Way How Garden Hoses Work!

Parents of the Year


Don’t You Just Hate It When You Get Dragged Around the Shops?

I Bet He Feels a Bit of a Pr#*k!

Extreme Jenga

Better Quickly Let Him Out in the Garden (For a While!

Someone Can’t Read!

If Being Jilted at the Alter Wasn’t Bad Enough, Now You Got To Ride the Tube Home!

Be Careful the Weather Forecast Says ‘Golden Showers’

Always Remember the Lids on Your Paint!

Oh Shit!

Ouch! That Gotta Hurt!

That’s One Way To Combat Those Pesky Middle Lane Drivers!


What a Bastard!

Gee, Thanks!

Let’s Hope They Don’t Ask for the Money Back Edward!

So Close

You Monsters!

When Your Thermostat is Hanging on a Nail!

Oh Dear!

That Kitty is in a Right Sticky Situation Here

Just Hang in There

You Thought You Were Having a Bad Day…

Written by Riley

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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