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Scare Yourself S**tless With These Artworks of Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT

“You’ll float too!”

We all know that clowns are pretty terrifying (see here for examples), but Pennywise from IT takes that scary factor to another level.

With the release of the new adaptation of Stephen King’s IT hitting the cinemas and Halloween soon approaching, why not scare yourself sh**less with these Pennywise inspired artworks from a collection of some of the best digital artists from around the globe.

“You’ll float too!”


Rafael Fernandez – Source

Stephen King’s IT Fanart

Victor Shevchenko – Source

The Dead Lights – IT

Eddie Holly – Source


Anastasiya Sytnik – Source


Tony Dorval – Source


Soffi Piven – Source

“We All Float Down Here!”

Martin Nebelong – Source


Kevin Clegg – Source


Jeff “Jekrimo” Kristian – Source

Pennywise – IT 3D Model

Gerard Grifell – Source

They Float, Georgie (It)

Steve RamptonSource

Pennywise Sketch

Slaine69 – Source


Nabey – Source

Pennywise (Speedpaint)

Zukich – Source

“You’ll Float Too!”

Favio Valiente – Source

Pennywise – IT

Nikita Moiseyenko – Source


Aleksandr Boytsov – Source

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

Jonah Lobe – Source

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