Take a Closer Look – 19 Ordinary Photos That Capture Something Really Terrifying

Who’s that lurking in the background?

Nowadays capturing photos is just second nature to us. It’s really easily to whip out the old smart phone and snap everything we do, all day, everyday.

We capture the good memories that we want to cherish and look back on, but sometimes we take a closer look and we find out that we have ended up capturing something really terrifying!

We’re pretty sceptical here at Joyenergizer. We don’t believe in the supernatural, but these creepy AF photos have got us doubting our beliefs and checking under our beds!

Who’s that lurking in the background?

Who’s That Hiding Under the Bed?

Suicide Jumper Photobombs Tourists Photo

The Eye

Cloaked Demon Wants To Say “Hello”

Who the Hell is That Lurking on the Cliff?

Did the Demon Lurking in the Cave Cause the Accident?

Who’s That at the Window?

… And Who’s that at the Window of this Abandoned Asylum?

Little Girl Wants to Join the Fun

This Masked Gang Captured on Google Street View

Is this the Ghost of a Nurse Who Comitted Suicide Here?

Somebody or Some Thing Wants To Join In on Family Swim Time

This Photograph Captures the Murdered Body of a Scuba Diver Tina Watson Who Was Murdered By Her Husband on Their Honeymoon

Who’s That in the Back of the Car with the Dead Light Eyes?


Photographer Accidently Captures a Lady Jumping To Her Death in 1942

Was the Figure Lurking in the Background Wanting to Be Part of the Cheerleading Squad?

The Assassin of a Philipines Politician is Captured on Photo Carrying Out the Hit

The Hospital Cameras Captures Something Disturbing Leaning Over a Patient. The Patient Died Hours Later!

and Finally Knock Knock!

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