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20 Struggles You Had if You Grew Up in the 90s

The struggle was real!

If you’re a 90s kid like myself then you will no doubt have put up with these 20 struggles we all had to endure throughout the 1990’s.

Can you remember phones with cords? How about visiting a video store or seriously slow internet?

Having to ring your friends, girlfriends or boyfriends house and speak to their parents to ask if you were in

Having to literally wait minutes to connect to the internet and forever to download anything

Having to go out and rent a video from the video store

No texting which meant having to pass notes in class

If you missed an episode of your favourite TV show that was it

Unless you bothered to set a timer on the VCR to record it

Taking photos and then having to take your film to be developed at a photo shop or chemist before you could see the photos

Having to set an actual alarm clock

Not having Google to answer questions

Having to carry around your music on a ‘Discman’ or worse a ‘Walkman’ and be limited to one CD/tape at a time

Manual wind-down windows in a car

Phones with cords

Spending all day recording your fave tracks from the radio only for this to happen

If you were lucky enough to have a mobile phone in the late 90s then this was a daily struggle


Chunky Game cartridges (although they did load straight away!)

Shit Graphics Video Games

You had to listen and figure out the lyrics to your favourite songs

Limited TV – Hardly any channels and no downloads, streaming or catchup TV

If you arranged to meet somebody you would have to go or they would never know you’d cancelled or was running late!

Using a Road Atlas

Having to use a proper TV guide to see what was on the TV as there was no EPG

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