The Most Stolen and Hilarious Road Signs From Around the World

Nice place, shame about the name!

To some people, especially town planners these signs my be totally innocent, but to someone who has their mind in the gutter they are anything but!

The local town council better have these signs securely fitted from now on because they are prized possessions for some people. Although, I don’t think people will be stealing the huge rock sign for Shitterton anytime soon!

They are all nice places, but it’s a shame about the name. Here are some of the world’s most frequently stolen road signs from across the globe.

Shitterton, UK

Bat Cave, USA

F**king, Austria

Wank, Germany

Hell, USA

Fartkontrol (Danish Speed Check Sign)

Condom, France

Ham Sandwich, UK

Titty Ho, UK

Okay this one isn’t hilarious – Abbey Road, Westminster, UK

Butt Hole Road, Yorkshire, UK

Twatt, UK

Dildo, Canada

Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire, UK

ACDC Lane, Melbourne, Australia

Manthuka, India

Written by Jemma

Joyenergizer Community Member


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