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The Cost Of Building Your Own AT-AT

In case you somehow possess over $200 million, you, too, can build your very own, fully functional AT-AT to lay waste to the rebel scum!

We all remember that thrilling opening from the beginning of “The Empire Strikes Back” where the Rebels’ new base on the ice planet Hoth was invaded by the Empire’s ground forces, prompting a hasty evacuation.

That scene showed us, for the very first time in “Star Wars” history, just how mighty the Empire was when it was really pissed, and told the viewers that this wasn’t going to be a cute space adventure like before. Of course, a big part of that came from the presence of the menacing AT-AT – gigantic quadrupeds that are nearly impossible to take down by conventional means.

While watching the scene, many people imagined themselves not as the tiny rebels fleeing for their lives in the snow, but as pilots of these mighty artificial beasts, laying waste to their enemies while remaining invincible in the cockpit of their very own AT-AT!

What, just me? Well, luckily, the guys over at have created a handy infographic that details exactly what it’d take to build your own mechanical monster, and how much it’d cost. Check it out!

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Written by James Aweland

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