Take a Look at What Product Censorship is Like in the Middle East

Fire up the Photoshop!

Censorship is a touchy subject and a lot of western countries and cultures just won’t understand what all the fuss is about.

Different cultures have different ideas on what is considered as appropriate.Take for example Middle Eastern countries do not like to see people showing too much skin, especially females. How do these countries get around this? Photoshop of course. Crudely done Photoshop!

So, just take a look at some of these famous album covers and advertisements and see how things get altered. You may think that they’ve gone over the top with the photoshopping, but It’s a case of complying with censorship or risk being banned from certain countries. It’s no laughing joke, not even huge corporate logos are safe. Just ask Starbucks!

Shakira,You Can ‘Leaf’ Your Clothes on!

Poor Old Mum Gets Turned Into a Beach Ball

Even the Starbucks Mermaid Isn’t Safe

Just Resize the Bowling Ball and Put On Some Leggings Gaga!

Christina Isn’t Exactly Stripped in This Version

Miley Now Appearing Like a Pop Star Vampire

Oops!… The Censors Did It Again

Even Going That Fast Geri Could Not Outrun the Censors

Mariah Won’t Be Cold Any More!

IKEA – Time for Bed, But Mum is a Distant Memory

Katy Overcome by Vapour

Christina Again, This Time Being Eaten by a Lotus Flower

Jennifer Page Covered Up

They Do Love to Cover Mariah Up

Blacking Out the Poor Mum’s on These Boxes Looks Pretty Creepy

Kylie Won’t Be Giving Us Any Fever Now

Madonna Gets the Cover Up Treatment and Crucifix Removed

Katy Perry Won’t Be Getting A Tan Any Time Soon

Mariah Sporting the New Immaculate Digital White Clothing Range

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