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18 Images That Prove That Nature is Scary as S**t!

Nature you bastard!

Isn’t nature beautiful? The cute and cuddly animals, the colourful looking plants and the gorgeous scenery.

Wrong? We are going to take a trip over to the darkness and take look at some rather creepy images that show that the natural world is actually really scary as shit!

These images may look like something out of a horror/sci-fi movie, but just goes to show how species adapt to their surroundings and how mental the wonderful world of nature can be!

With crazy parasitic bugs to devil finger fungus this is one creepy collection!

Nature you bastard!

Like Something Out of Your Nightmares – The Hermit Crab Using a Dolls Head.

No, This Isn’t an image from ‘The Thing’, But an Abandoned Hornet’s Nest on a Wooden Sculpture

Awwww, How Cute a Scary AF Centipede Protecting Her Babies from Hell

On Wow, Nature is So Beautiful, New Flowers Are Growing….

…. What Could This Beautiful Plant Be?

… Oh My… Something is Happening…

…. Burn It, Kill it with Fire Now!

Excuse me nature WTF? Cymothoa Exigua – The Parasite That Eats Fishes Tongues and Replaces them With Itself!

Welcome to the Gateway to Hell

Fox’s Glacier Mints!

Is This a Secret Door to a Magical Dimension? Nope, It’s a a Tree Still Burning Days After Being Hit By Lightning

Wasps Take Over Abandoned Doll

“I’m Watching You” Said the Creepy Big-Eyed Shark

Eulagisca Gigantean – Antarctic Worm – Next Appearing in Alien 5!

No, Not Death Mask Daisies, But Husks of Dead Flowers

Please Take It Away!

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The Adorable Snowy Owl That Likes To Make a Nest Out of All It’s Lemming Victims. Nothing Crazy About That!

They Creep Up On You… Fire Ants Creating Their Own Raft Out of Themselves!

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