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38 Funny Pub Signs To Get You Through the Door

I’ll drink to that

How do you get punters to visit your establishment?

Have a look at the creative efforts made by these Landlords with their hilarious pub signs that should easily entice you through their doors for a quick beverage or two.

It works for me. Cheers! I’ll have a pint of Stella what you having?

You Don’t Win Friends With Salad!

Stay Focused on the Sign

When Life Gives You Lemons…

When Your Hiding From the Wife

Sounds Delicious

Who the Hell Reviews a Bacardi ‘n’ Coke?

Tssch! Double Standards!

Yay, Beer!

When Vodka Becomes Your Wing Man

No Hipsters!

Sounds Like a Great Offer

Better Not Take the Risk!

Great Statistics

For the Jilted

My Favourite

Meet People the Old Fashioned Way

Drink in Moderation

Poetry Can Be Hard

The Guide to ‘Should I Have Another Drink?’

See, Beer is Good For Your Health!

Shit-Faced Mondays Have Been Cancelled

Choices, Choices!

Very True

Be a Pirate

I’ll Drink to That!

An Offer To Good To Refuse

The Forecast Doesn’t Look Good

Read the Small Print…

… And Again

The Bucket List

How Will They Know

Stay in School…. er… You Underage Drinkers!

The Old Ones Are Still the Best!

I’ll Never Drink Again… Yeah Right!

I Hate Mondays

So, That’s What it Stands For!

This Sign Sounds Like some 1970’s Sitcom!

The Husband Creche

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