30 Creative Print Ads From Around the World Part 2

These ads sure grab our attention!

It’s a known fact that most ads aren’t that great and some can be particularly annoying, especially the money comparison sites like Compare the Market and Go Compare.

So, we know that ads can suck but also In today’s society people are always so easily offended nowadays. Don’t worry though because there are lots of very creative and talented people who work in advertising and marketing. This great collection of printed ads from around the world were created by some of the best advertising and design companies in the industry and it’s always good to see they have a sense of humour and with some clever thinking they don’t have to resort to racy images or garish colours to get our attention.

You can see more great ad examples here and also the flip side of how not to do it with some really offensive vintage ads here.

One Child Is Holding Something That’s Banned in America to Protect Them – Moms Demand Action

Agency – Grey | Report

Stop the Violence – Ecovia

Agency – Terremoto Propaganda | Report

Weight Watchers

Agency – DraftFCB | Report

Some Things Can’t Be Covered – King Khalib Foundation

Agency – Memac Ogilvy | Report

Manix Lubricant

Agency – Bddp | Report

Made You Look – Bishop

Agency – Rumble | Report

If You Can’t Have It – Meccano

Agency – Young & Rubicam | Report

Because Life Makes Wrinkles – Nivea Men

Agency – Jung von Matt/Alster | Report

Amnesty International

Agency – KIKKUT/BKRMN | Report

Remove the Grimace – Arctic Gardens

Agency – lg2 | Report

Orion Telescopes

Agency – Texas Creative | Report

China to Australia – Fedex

Agency – DDB | Report

Creativity Forgives Everything – Lego

Agency – Grey | Report

Hong Kong Cleanup

Agency – Ogilvy & Mather | Report

Discover the Full Story – MA

Agency – Saatchi & Saatchi | Report

Miss Universe – Pictionary

Agency – Ogilvy & Mather | Report

It’s  Sugar Free – Chupa Chups

Agency – DDB | Report

Agency – Hakuhudo | Report

Nivea Night

Agency – TBWANEBOKO | Report


Agency – Y&R Paris | Report

Free Wi-Fi – McDonald’s

Agency – DDB | Report

Colgate Dental Floss

Agency – Cerebro Y&R | Report

Breath Right Nasal Strips

Agency – Grey | Report

Liking Isn’t Helping – CRS

Agency – Publicis | Report

One  Mistake Can Blow It All – Uno Stacko

Agency – Ogilvy & Mather | Report

We Wish You a Scary Halloween! – Pepsi

Agency – Buzz in a Box | Report

Shark – WWF

Agency – DDB&CO | Report

Enjoy Responsibly. Phones Down, Please

Agency – ? -| Report

Dreaming of a Holiday? – Kielo Travel

Agency – New Moment New Ideas Company Y&R | Report

Precision Parking – Volkswagen

Agency – DDB | Report

Extra Large – Durex

Agency – The Jupiter Drawing Room | Report

WE –

Agency – Richter7 | Report

31st Anniversary – Playboy Brazil

Agency – Neogama | Report

Written by Robert De Zero

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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