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Around The World In 20 National Spirits


It’s a big, wide world out there and most of us will only see a fraction of it in our brief and miserable lifetimes – but that misery can be alleviated and our souls freed to tour by exploring different cultures through the food and drink they favour.

In particular, the national spirits of the world’s innumerable cultures make for an enlightening and delicious way to experience a glimpse of exotic lifestyles and remote rituals. So set yourself up with a range of specialist drinking glasses – from the copita to the tumbler, the tulip-shaped pisco glass to the bell-bottomed čokanjče – and dial up that specialist off license website you keep on hand in your Bookmarks: it’s time for a trip.

The States, of course, are known for their Bourbon – indeed, whiskey from any other place cannot use that name, even if it utilises Bourbon’s specific recipe. For the uninitiated, Bourbon is sweeter than your average whiskey, and is best sipped from a tumbler with water to taste. South of the border, if it’s quality tequila you’re choosing then you’ll want to avoid stereotypes involving citrus fruits and salt. Down Mexico way, the good stuff is sipped, at room temperature, from a brandy glass. You may be more interest in the Colombians’ party-oriented approach to their national drink: it is common for them to carry a copita on a string around their necks, in order to facilitate the trouble free consumption of sugary Aguardiente when roaming a party or carnival.

You’d best keep a coconut on hand for this world tour, too – Sri Lankans favour the shell as a vessel for their beloved Arrack, itself made from coconut palm sap and best taken with ginger ale. Now that’s a ticket to paradise from the comfort of your armchair. But if you still haven’t travelled enough, be sure to peruse this new infographic listing a host of other boozy destinations, and roam on (responsibly) until your wanderlust is sated.

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