Can You Believe That Cocaine Advertising Was Actually a Thing in the 1970s and 1980s?

Anyone fancy a Sno-Blo Nose Doucher?

Way back in a few decades ago in the 70s and 80s advertising was obviously a lot more relaxed.

We’ve featured outrageous adverts in the past, but we never thought that advertising a class-a narcotic such as cocaine was actually considered okay in your everyday men’s magazine such as Penthouse and Hustler.

There is a wide variety of coke paraphernalia advertised in this collection of vintage adverts such as various cutting blades, snorting straws, shuffles and choppers and purity testers.

Anyone fancy a Sno-Blo Nose Doucher?

Take a look for yourself because apparently there is a forecast for “snow!”

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix

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