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Marijuana and your Productivity. How to Be Productive?

Does smoking weed makes you lazy and a “stoner”? The truth is very different from this.

People are different and they have different habits. What works for one person, might not for another. Even things like coffee or energy drinks influence people differently when connected to productivity. Some people even want to smoke weed while they are productive.

However, the assumption out there is always that smoking weed makes you lazy and a “stoner” that wants to lay on the couch all day without doing anything at all. The truth is very different from this. The medicine and education about the plant and the medical properties that it has are changing. It’s not a bad thing, marijuana. It’s a natural plant that grows and if you use other plants like aloe vera or chamomile which have medicinal properties too, then you shouldn’t judge cannabis on its.

What you should do instead, is get informed properly on how to actually increase productivity while using marijuana (yes, it is possible). What’s even more, a study from a few years back concluded that cannabis users are more successful people than those who reject it. Moreover, cannabis users were also on top when it comes to obtaining a master’s degree.


Choose the right strain

There are many different types of marijuana plants out there, and scientists are producing even more with combining them and lessening the side effects. This is one of the most important things- to choose the right type of weed that won’t affect your productivity negatively. There are two natural classifications of the cannabis plant and those are Indica and Sativa. There are a lot of differences between them.

Indica strains are used for relaxing. The benefits are muscle and mental relaxation lowers acute pain and nausea, increases appetite and dopamine. It is best used at night since you might start to feel relaxed and get sleepy.

Sativa strains are used for focus. The benefits include increasing creativity and productivity, increases serotonin, it is used as an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. It can be used during the day since it doesn’t have the relaxing properties of Indica strains, so it won’t make you sleepy.

There are many people that like to use Sativa cannabis products instead of caffeine or energy drinks to be more productive and focused. They also use it as a natural detox. When it comes to choosing the right type of energy-inducing weed, there is a lot to choose from. Sites like are offering many different energy-boosting strains and here are some of them:

  • Columbia Gold: if you want to be energized, but avoid paranoia, anxiety or fatigue.
  • Hercules: have an all-nighter in front of you? Turn to Hercules, an all-day strain. It stimulates both brain and body.
  • Durban Poison: gives you an almost exclusive cerebral high giving you lots of energy. It is compared to a shot of espresso. Don’t take it 2-3 hours before sleeping though.
  • Tangerine Power: if you only need the physical energy to perform some mundane boring tasks without the mental stimulation, this one is for you.

There are many, many more different types and hybrids that you can explore.

Use cannabis as a motivation

One of the best things after a very tiring day is to sit back and smoke one to relax. To motivate yourself, make a list of tasks that you want to accomplish for the day, so when you indeed get to the “treat” it will be much sweeter. You will feel accomplished and you can properly relax.

If you are one of the people that like to smoke while working, make sure that you never take a lot so you only feel the energy boosts and not get completely stoned.


Don’t overdo it

Cannabis is a plant that has a biphasic effect on you. This means that in small doses it can be very good for you, but it can do quite the opposite if you overdo it. Make sure that you try your dosages before working and figure out where is that threshold for you. Nobody wants to get anxious or paranoid, especially when you have work to do so this is a pretty important part of getting to know yourself and your body.

Choose the way of consumption

Some people like ingesting small doses in edibles, while it can be a risky thing to do. Smoking gives more instant results and the effects can be felt strongly. You can choose the vape, as an odorless and safe way to use cannabis before hitting the office.

Written by Mary Walton

Mary Walton is a professional editor, content strategist and a member of nonprofit organization Apart from writing, Mary is passionate about hiking and gaming. Feel free to contact her via Facebook

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