The Rise of Donald Trump Through the Decades

Whether he scares or excites you, one thing is for sure. Trump is a true child of America’s capitalism.

Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee for the Republican party and recently went above Hilary Clinton in the polls. This means that there is a real possibility that Trump could be the next President of the free world. That’s a scary thought!

Here at Joyenergizer we don’t go in for deep political discussion, so while we leave that to the people in the know we look at Trump through the decades and how he rose from an heir to a billionaire fortune in New York, to the New York Billionaire he is today.


The Seventies

Donald Trump “getting into his Cadillac to begin a day of real estate deals,” was the original caption of this 1976 photograph.

In the early seventies Trump joined his father’s business, Elizabeth Trump and Sons and worked on the housing his father was building to rent to middle income households. When moving to Manhattan to work on bigger development projects Donald Trump started the Trump Organisation that is so recognisable today.


The Eighties

The eighties was the great period of success for Trump. He turned the waning Commodore Hotel into the Grand Hyatt and developed the area around Grand Central Station. He was known for picking buildings with intriguing architectural style and gained a name for himself along Manhattan’s moguls.


The Nineties

The nineties was a period of slide for the Donald. Many projects failed and he entered the world of casinos and leisure management. His ownership of the Taj Mahal in New Jersey was reduced to 50% after the casino filed for bankruptcy within five years of him taking over. It also saw Trump battle with the Native American Casino industry and come up a loser.


The Noughties

The noughties saw Trump rise into the next stage of his career as a TV personality. The Apprentice on NBC had huge success and Trump was the figurehead of the show with his bullish attitude and temper gaining notoriety. The decade also saw the completion of his most famous building the Trump Tower which sits across from the United Nations building in New York.


The Teens

Trump was supposedly fired from the Apprentice himself but he was not short of things to do. He shocked everyone when he not only ran for the 2016 presidency but actually beat off the considerable number of Republican candidates to become the presumptive nominee for the party. As of 2014 Trump says he earns in excess of $611m but his claims of wealth and how much is always under scrutiny.


The Future?

We of course don’t know what the future will hold but Donald Trump has ploughed through the decades and potentially could become the most powerful man on the planet. Whether he scares or excites you, one thing is for sure. Trump is a true child of America’s capitalism. Or at least his Dad is…

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Written by Joshua Mason

Joyenergizer Community Member


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